The Zara Polka Dot Organza Blouse Of Dreams!

Zara polka dot blouse outfit with madewell jeans, zara raffia mini crossbody bag  and colour block shoe

There are two things I am obsessed with in fashion: Zara and polka dots. When Zara decided to do an organza polka dot shirt I may have had a mini orgasm! When I saw the price point here in the US I was brought back to earth with a solid bang. orgasm over. $70 is a little steep for a piece like this which isn’t exactly a wear every week kind of item. So why am I here photographed in it and smiling like a kid on Christmas morning? Because it was better than Christmas morning when I woke up to an email informing me I’d been gifted zara vouchers for my birthday by my sweet neighbour Karen who knows all too well my Zara obsession!

I told myself I was going to give the voucher a cooling off period of about a month. By the end of that day - after imagining a stampede into Zara that cleared all stock of the blouse - I had ordered it and 2 days later I was trying it on with several bottoms! The heart wants what the heart wants!

Zara polka dot blouse, madewell jeans and colour block shoes

So, what can I tell you? For me, this organza blouse is worth the investment and here is how i reached that decision:


  • Polka dots will not be going out of style anytime soon

  • It is a classic black & off-white colour which makes it versatile and timeless

  • The organza fabric elevates it to a special item of clothing which will smarten any look

  • The pussy bow brings some serious sexy secretary vibe to proceedings

  • Goes with both smart and casual bottoms making it a hero piece in the closet


  • Sheer back means it can’t be worn easily (but a bralet/strapless bra, or camisole for work will do)

  • Delicate fabric is not too kid friendly so be warned

  • Pussy bow isn’t removable reducing versatility

  • Not an everyday wear item


The pros outweighed the cons for me as I have very clear outfits I will wear it with and know this is a piece I will have for a long time to come. I don’t normally use birthday vouchers or money to buy clothing items, I’d rather buy shoes or a classic bag as they last longer.  This blouse is my exception to the rule!  And as if by some miracle, I got the cute zara bag as one of my birthday gifts from my sister from another mister, Segun! What a win! You’ll be seeing it in many a post going forward.

On Friday I am sharing a video on my instagram channel showing the various ways you can style this blouse for work or social events. Be sure to follow @whatmummywore on instagram so you don’t miss it.

Zara polka dot blouse outfit with madewell jeans, zara raffia mini crossbody bag and colour block shoes


Organza blouse with tie - Zara available here // Raffia mini crossbody bag - Zara available here // Rigid High waist jeans - Madewell available here only // Colourblock shoes - very old from Office Shoes. Similar here and here . I honestly think any colourful shoes would work to add some pop to your look! 


So…what do you think? would you buy this blouse??

Till next time, navigate the ups and downs of this week with style!



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