You Are My Sunshine - The Yellow Maxi Dress!


Boy oh boy do I love yellow! In all it’s variations from the palest yellow favoured by the gender-neutral baby clothing designers, to mustard yellow which bridges seasonal transitions effortlessly, I go gaga for this colourway! Teamed with my absolute favourite dress shape for summer: THE MAXI, I can honestly say I am in my happy place! I bought this maxi dress last year after spying it on a fellow blogger on instagram and finding it on sale. It sold out so fast I waited anxiously for confirmation that I had indeed secured one!!

Free People Yellow Maxi Dress
Free People Yellow Maxi Dress & Mango Pink Velvet box bag

So this dress is from last year, but here are some options for you if you’re pining for your own dramatic yellow maxi moment: here // here // here // here and here . I swear if I had an endless supply of cash, I’d purchase all these items I love and buy a house just to turn it into a live-in closet! Haha!

Unfortunately none are from Free People but here are some dresses from there I absolutely love right now : here // here // here // here. As soon as they stock a similar yellow maxi dress I’ll send out an SOS! I’m setting up a list to email weekly shopping lists, look out for the post on Wednesday which will have all the details!

Free People Yellow Maxi Dress

Styling Corner

Is yellow right for you? Well, I was chatting with a friend the other day who said people are always telling her to “wear brighter colours!”. She said she doesn’t feel they suit her. She happens to be black. One of the misconceptions people have is that once you are dark skinned, you can or should just wear bright colours. Not so. Just like we aren’t all one dark skin tone, we can’t all just carry off colours. I told her she was correct and to trust her eye’s natural instinct to veer away from things that would otherwise make her look washed out. Some black girls are red/brown whilst others are yellow/brown. That affects the make up you buy. The same is true for the shades of colours that we buy. I’m going to be working with this friend of mine to define what “bright colours” are complimentary to her skin tone. If you’re interested in my personal styling services, please drop me a message via this contact form and I’ll be in touch so fast you wont know what hit you!! Haha!

Another post will be hitting your inbox this Wednesday so be on the look out! I am also doing an interview with a vintage store owner which will go live on my instagram channel on Friday.

Here’s to navigating your week in style,