winter sale shopping strategy!

image source: squarespace library

image source: squarespace library

i did a sale shopping post for you lovely people in the summer (find post here), but i decided to drop another one specifically for winter sales to ensure we aren’t going in and buying stuff we won’t ever wear!

my strategy is always 2-pronged

  1. winter supplies such as coats / knitwear but not too much! the season is almost over, that’s why stores are getting rid of the stuff. in 2 weeks stores will be full of summer stuff at full price. 

  2. that’s why my major focus is stuff for the spring/summer. if you approach the sale this way you’ll suddenly notice just how much pre-season stock stores are holding for your summer closet. Maxis / shorts / jumpsuits, and definitely get in on footwear! slingbacks are a hot trend and i’ve spotted many a bright colour out there so for those not comfortable wearing colour on the body, grab accessories like these to add a pop of colour to your look.

so what should you be buying now? (everything pictured is on sale at zara, click on the images to get to the items where available).



sequins!! find a sequin jacket in a cut that suits you and you can team it with jeans / dresses all year round! look for dresses / skirts / shorts too. i love separates teamed with tshirts for a slightly irreverent rock n roll look.


again look for a fab jacket to use year round. a black fitted velvet dress will serve you well for years to come.


you can never have too many denim shorts in my humble opinion. the most versatile beachwear & summer staple i know. (and honestly you can wear these year round. i do!)

shorts for vacation: blue / white / red / stripes / gingham - they are all out there, get them on sale or pay full price in a panic buy in April!


Grab jumpsuits and formal maxi dresses ready for those summer weddings and events.


underwear: get in on all those basic black bras & underwear. victoria secret have some cute bras down from $42 to $9.

boring stuff like basic white t-shirts & shirts and the warmest puffa / parka jacket you can afford to buy.

happy shopping!!