July 6th - White House


on this day i wore these mustard culottes which I had been wanting since the day they landed at Zara! only problem was they were selling for $69.90. no sir. i kept coming back to check if Zara had regained their senses but alas, they stuck to their guns. i was back from Zimbabwe when the sales finally came around and was less than impressed when they went down to basically $50. i went to bed. the suckers had sold out by the time i woke up. i was in the providence store as they opened the doors but they only had bigger sizes in store from when people made returns. it's true what they say - nothing haunts you like the awesome find you didn't buy.  the store manager empathized with my 1st world problem and helped check other stores: NY had my size. my brother in law who lives in NY did not empathize with my 1st world problem and i ended up buying the larger size. i planned to beef up with some protein shakes....or find a tailor. i tried them on again at home and decided i was going to rock them low slung if it came to it.



a few weeks passed and I still hadn't had the opportunity to wear them. i wandered into zara for the umpteenth time as i do only during sale time and there, gleaming like a beacon of light, beckoning to me was a pair of the mustard pants in my size. i grabbed them and paid for them so fast it didn't even register they'd been further reduced to a more palatable $35. wham, bam, thank you ma'am! naturally i chose to wear them on this most auspicious occasion of visiting the White House with the fam! Morayo-Hope was a little underwhelmed by the size of the house itself. Judah was naturally strapped into his stroller - with his speed, he would have made it into the Oval Office and sparked a national emergency. don't ask me how, the kid gets places you least expect in the blink of an eye. 


we ended our day in nandos as any self respecting (and honorary) southern africans would do. i day dreamed that Trevor Noah would walk in and his security would seal off the place. he'd explain that they were filming a special edition of the daily show in DC and we would tell him we came to see him in reading, UK before he was a big shot.  we'd take thousands of selfies and chat about South Africa and Zimbabwe and Nigeria and kola would say all the intelligent stuff he knows about african political history. he'd give us vip tickets to his next show and also invite us to the daily show. i was snapped back to the reality of my daily show as Judah carried out his usual experiment of seeing which leftover food in his plate will float when he pours his water in it. 

that “can i eat without the camera in my face” moment…

that “can i eat without the camera in my face” moment…

we returned to Baltimore in the blistering heat and the kids cooled off in the downstairs sprinklers as soon as we got back home. 

i just love this picture of judah! definitely getting framed even though i cut off a bit of his head…grr!

i just love this picture of judah! definitely getting framed even though i cut off a bit of his head…grr!