Breaking Rules

It’s back to school time & Morayo-Hope has been bringing home class information on a daily basis. One day last week she brought the class charter which she was supposed to read with me and sign. It was essentially a list of rules outlining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, only written in a “we’re all in this together” manner. How I wish I would have had that system as a deterrent from bad behavior & not the “ruler across the knuckle” / “pick your own stick and let me whack you across the legs” / “wooden side of chalkboard duster banging on your congregated fingernails” modus operandi our Zimbabwean teachers favored. I somehow found myself on the wrong side of the law enough times to have experienced every one of these modes of punishment at least once. I resisted the “in our day” conversation and signed on the dotted line alongside her excited scribble.

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The next day I stumbled upon a blogpost titled “fashion rules for your 40s”. As I was still in rules mode, I decided to give it a read. Apart from the first line which essentially was just welcoming us to the article, the rest of it was 5 minutes I’ll never get back. The rules ranged from “Do not wear low rise jeans” - I’m wearing a pair now as I write this post - to “sequins of any kind are now a no-no”. Half my closet is sequins, & girl, i’m not even STARTED on wearing them! In fact, I launched my 40s in a short tight sequin dress. Another rule? Say goodbye to leather minis. Hmm. As Judah says when i tell him its bedtime: “no thank you”. Just no. I exited the article as the writer attempted to go in on shorts. I spent 2/3 of my life hiding these legs. Bye.

REISS White Shirt Dress Outfit with leopard print boots

As I perused my instagram for the 100th time the next day, I kept seeing posts about “wearing white after labor day”. Apparently it’s a no-no. Apparently “White's are banned” after Labor Day. As a descendant of those who lived in an era when white was never banned, it tickled me a little! If you know, you know. So what do I think about this rule? I think it’s dumb. Break out your whites, apartheid is over. Pair them with something fierce, like these animal print boots, and rock on with your bad self.

After all, rules were made for breaking, just ask my knuckles.

REISS White Shirt Dress Outfit with leopard print boots


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