Keeping Love Alive - outfit inspiration for valentine's day!


so here we go, another valentine’s day is fast approaching. i think our last proper date was on our anniversary back in September! prior to that, who knows! to be honest i’m busy just trying to stay alive, talk less of keeping love alive! so here we are with our annual reminder to take a little time out to spend with the one we love.

this year i’m actually pretty excited - i even sent a close friend a message asking what they are up to for that day & her response was “someone’s eager!” . yes i’m eager to finally start wearing some of my sale purchases!

ok, so I know little dresses are the ultimate in sexy but I am a sucker for separates. i am always trying to find ways to maximize the wear of any item. the first 3 outfits i’ve shared below are made up of 4 items of clothing and the same accessories throughout. the new items to my closet are the tops, shoes and skirt. the jewelry hasn’t seen the light of day since my wedding in 2008! what am I saving it for?!


outfit one is in line with the whole romance vibe with red as the pop of color. I love the animal print on the top and the deep v in the front and back.


for the second outfit option I switched out the red top for this sequined number. right now is the best time to pick up sequins as I keep saying! i picked this top up for $12 in the zara sale & i know i’ll be able to work it just as easily with skinny jeans and silver heels….it’s going to be a busy top!


outfit three is pretty much outfit 2 just with a skirt instead of shorts! I love this little taffeta skirt - another zara sale find. and I love the way that when teamed with the top it actually looks like a dress. i like the femininity the skirt brings.


outfit 4 was a fluke because I was actually about to put together some denim looks for a separate post and suddenly thought how sexy the jeans would look teamed with my sequin jacket and just a bra underneath! my friend Tinashe is obsessed with wide leg jeans so this was for her! now I think i’m going to rock this look on Thursday! you HAVE to watch the video to appreciate just how good this look is! click here!!


I am on the lookout for a fabulous faux fur jacket to complete my looks. my hope is that you will dig through your closet and put something together and have a wonderful night out! ping me a message via my contact tab if you want me to help you pull something together! have you got any plans for valentine’s day? i hope you’re inspired by a look up here or merely by the fact that another mama is getting off her backside and doing something!


Unfortunately none of my clothes are available to buy but i’ve linked items to create a similar look below. the jeans are basically the same just in a different color.

click links below for details:

animal print top // faux leather skirt // low heel sandals // wide leg jeans // black sequin top // faux leather shorts //sequin bodysuit

have a happy valentine’s day!!


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