The Beach

When I found out Rhode Island was the "ocean state" I was ecstatic! Finally we'd be living close to the seaside. Once we arrived I really couldn't wait for the weather to warm up so we could start making little trips to the seaside. 

The weather has started to warm up, but like the English weather, we get one very hot day surrounded by lukewarm days that can never seem to decide if they feel like being rainy or not. It's not called New England for nothing that's for sure!! 

This last Saturday was a hot day. As I couldn't be sure when the next one would be, we decided to hit the beach. MH had a party to attend first and to be honest when we got back the last thing I felt like doing was driving 30 minutes to the seaside. So I watched a movie - some romantic drama that left me wondering whether I should've married a soldier.  

We left for the seaside shortly after as the water is always good to gaze into and think about your life choices. According to Hollywood anyway. I decided against beachwear for anyone, expecting temperatures to be much lower by the water. To my surprise it was just as hot there and I had to endure some furious "I told you so's" from a certain little madam. I was also now desperately aware of the teens all around us in their bikinis and swimsuits and us in our full clothing looking fresh off the boat. Oh well! The good news was I didn't have to suck my tummy in this way. 


We had fun and I was so glad we came. I gazed into the water and then looked at my family playing in the sand. There was Morayo-Hope building a castle. And Judah was busy instructing his dad to write letters and numbers in the sand. I felt content. Sometimes it's the mundane things in life that make our hearts skip a beat.  


This photo is one of my favourite ever.  

Still content but seeking a personal trainer,