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a few months ago, morayo-hope became very obsessed with my clothes. "will you keep this for when I'm older mummy?!", she would say hugging a maxi dress or coat she particularly liked. I could only keep them for her if i stopped wearing them immediately because, let's face it, today's clothes are not designed to be passed on from generation to generation! I felt a little sad. she claims she'll wear my wedding dress though - at least that's one thing that will definitely keep well......her enthusiasm for wearing it may not. 

 i was chatting about fast fashion with someone the other day and later thought "he must think I'm a nut job" after i left. this is because i was essentially saying how i was not too proud of the way modern fashion businesses run, yet i'm the number one Zara obsessive. but the truth is the quality of our clothes deteriorates almost as fast as the prices go up. but how many of us can actually afford to fork out the kind of money designer brands demand for their pieces? i tried to get into the kids brands and realized i'd be doing laundry everyday for the one short and t-shirt i could afford to buy Judah and the 2 dresses for MH. just as I had given up on the dream of owning any heirloom worthy clothing, my friend Alicia introduced me to The Real Real. she is one savvy shopper so I checked it out. they have EVERYTHING! I mean kids, home, men's, women's - they have it all!  



I was actually looking for green heels and i spotted these on the site uand was obsessed. i slept on it and woke up thinking of them. by the time i applied all the discount codes: one for being a new member, and the other just because they want you to buy something, i felt it was wrong not to buy them. when they arrived, they literally looked like they'd never been worn. who are these magnificent beings that get rid of these shoes? i imagined my shoes' previous owner must be an NY socialite who is ferried from party to party in a limousine, walks on a red carpet all day and has her feet rubbed by cherubs each night before she sleeps. there is not a mark inside or outside the shoe. to be fair, the website shows excellent images and discloses every last defect. you can return for a full refund - they provide a prepaid shipping label whose cost will be deducted from your refund. i think that's fair.


and so it begins....I'm on the road to reducing the number of throwaway items in my closet & leaving something for MH to love. I'm pretty excited because i love a bargain, even better when the item is as new and I'm doing my bit for the environment! winning! if you'd like to check them out, click on this link here.


top - h&m (old)

jeans - madewell vintage collection (sale)

shoes - Prada via therealreal


**this post was not sponsored in anyway by The Real Real. I do have an affiliate link which will mean I get a voucher for each referral that turns to a sale. this is something they do for anyone who refers customers.**



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