Day 2 of 73 days of summer

day 2 was Father’s Day. It was a tough morning. I found myself trying to strike the balance between keeping emotions in check about my own father whilst celebrating my children’s own awesome father. I stayed home from church and pulled myself together. by the time everyone was back, I was ready for whatever the day might bring. as I’d been burying my head in the sand about this day, I hadn't made a booking anywhere. It was boiling hot so I knew water was going to be involved somehow. we wound up in East Greenwich, at Goddard Park which has a beautiful bay. we should've headed to narraganset beach or newport but by the time we had got our act together it was just pointless! the beauty of kids though is they just have fun. they really didn't care whether it was a real beach - there was water and sand and daddy was getting stuck in - that's all they cared about! 


from there we went to an Italian restaurant called La Masseria that’s been raved about many a time by locals. It wasn’t my favourite of the restaurants we’ve visited here so far. maybe it's what we ordered. i must say i was a little self conscious strolling into this eatery in denim cutoffs and an off shoulder top. there were some cars that were quite easily the deposit for the home we want,  parked outside the place! i pretended i was vacationing and pulled my grace jones stare out of my back pocket....i already had her signature red lipstick on! 

that salty water and sand left my feet looking nice and ashy! #classy!

that salty water and sand left my feet looking nice and ashy! #classy!

what i wore:

Top: Available on sale at Madewell . Click Here.

Shorts: GAP, old season, but similar here

Sandals: On sale at Nordstrom Rack here (I have the tan colourway too - click here!)

Bag: From Zimbabwe!