Day 1 of 73 days of summer 😆


So here it’s actually day 3 of our 73 days so i’m in catch up mode. (actually, now it’s day 4 😩! perfectionism is the devils trap!!)  i plan on recording every single day. something about losing my dad got me revved up about recording moments again. i’m sitting poolside in our apartment complex with Morayo-Hope. (again - that was yesterday...although i happen to be here again today! ha!). it’s like a dream....i never thought this would be real in a million years!


and dream-like was day 1 of our summer fun. Morayo-Hope & two of her friends - Madeline & Abigail - had their ballet recital and it was just magical. one of my fantasies ever before having children was having a little girl who would do ballet and bounce around in a tutu all day!


as i sat in that theatre, watching my little girl gracefully move her arms around and glide and hop across the stage, it was another full circle moment....and the perfect way to kick off a summer in which i hope to be present, intentional and enjoy the little things.


incase you’re wondering....we weren’t allowed cameras inside! sometimes i seriously think some people get together and figure out ways to burst every mamas bubble! Lol! to be fair - i get it - these days you find yourself viewing events through the phone of the person in front of you. it was refreshing to just enjoy the event for what it was. we could be present. 

take it from me - Abigail, Madeline & Morayo-Hope were the best ballerinas on the word is as good as a video 😆!