Stuff Morayo-Hope Says

If you've got kids you'll no doubt be familiar with the never ending hilarious moments that come up in conversation. Morayo-Hope has been tickling my funny bone too much lately! Check out some of the stuff she's been coming out with below...


Me: Morayo-Hope, I'm just going to let Donna know that I'm here. 

MH: You don't need to let her know you're here. When she sees you she'll know you're here. 

Me: 😐 #onthefloor 😂 


Me:  (to Kola) Babe, have you decided what you want to do for your birthday yet?

MH: Wait a minute! It's mummy's birthday first, then mine! Why are we discussing daddy's birthday?

Me: Because you said you're having a beach party, so that's sorted. 

MH: Well, I haven't finished deciding what to do for my birthday. It's going to last all summer. The next day I would like to go to Disneyworld!

Me: Jesus take the wheel.


The power of advertising:

MH: Mummy you can go to work now

Me: Why

MH: Because you can just leave us with a nanny from

Me: (LOL!)


 MH: Mummy, doesn't my mermaid look so clean?

Me: It sure does darling!

MH: That's because I use clorox disinfecting wipes! See? Neeeaaaat!  

Me: 😂 (she's picking up the lingo- neat?!!)  




**a couple kiss on tv**

MH: **shocked face and hands cover mouth**

Me: (think fast!!) Oh don't worry honey, they are getting married!

MH: Oh, phew!

A few minutes later, MH is chasing Judah around the living room

Me: **Give her the mum look that asks the question all by itself**

MH: It's ok mummy, I just need to kiss Judah so he knows we are getting married.

Me: (blank)


**watching Family Feud (Family Fortunes in the UK)**

Steve Harvey asks "Name something some women don't wear."

Me: (shouting at the TV) Make-Up!

MH: That's right mummy! Some women don't need to wear make up because their skin is good and they look just fine. But other women, like you, need to wear make-up otherwise you just look like a boy. Isn't it?

Me: **blink blink** (Not really where i saw that going. Still burst out laughing and started rethinking my life choices.)


On that note, I'm off to find a hairstylist!