strawberry picking

you know how there are some activities you talk about doing so much that you start to believe you already did them? strawberry picking with the kids was one such activity. every summer, without fail, i'd plan to go. and without fail, i wouldn't go. thankfully this summer i partnered with a mum who gets stuff done. she's a mum of 3 and part of her housekeeping/sanity strategy is keeping the kids out of the house...(they were going swimming straight from this early morning berry picking fun and were already dressed for it!).  because she's organized and doesn't flake out at the last minute unless someone is dead, i knew we were going. and this was the time i had my niece, Kelsey over so i couldn't afford to be seen as a boring aunty. 


it was a beautiful sunny day and we had picked Quonset View Farm in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. the farm is in an idyllic location, with views of the sea visible over the cliff as you pick your strawberries. we arrived with our gang of kids bright and early and they had the pick of the best berries...though to be fair you'd hard pressed to find a sour berry there! i think more berries were consumed on the field than actually left in the little crates to go home.


there was much talk of baking strawberry cakes and making crepes to eat with strawberries and ice-cream. in the end, they were consumed as is, much to my delight. the healthy morning activity was counterbalanced by lunch in a location known and loved by children the world over but shall remain nameless.


as we sat in the grass picnicking on the food from the nameless brand, we were struck by how easily kids make fun for themselves. in a matter of minutes, they'd made up a game involving my basket and some pine cones. they were running in relay form. once we were exhausted enough from watching them and their never ending energy, we bid Portsmouth adieu and headed home with pine cones that were going to be painted as a fun craft. they are in a basket downstairs. maybe I'll call kathryn and see if she wants to come over....