spring soiree....via ebay darrrrling!

i love this country and all it's season marking events! a few weeks ago we got to attend the fundraising spring fling at morayo-hope's school. from the moment we heard about the event, i was going! an excuse to get dressed up? count me in! 

the only picture i could get as we dashed out of the venue!

the only picture i could get as we dashed out of the venue!

if you know anything about me by now, it's that i'm obsessed with zara. like - it might need medical / prayer & fasting type intervention to free me from the clutches of this brand. and to be fair, after moving here and being confronted with the price of clothes, my love for it has only grown deeper, rivalled only by my love for.....hmmm, let me not lie....it has no rival! ha! 

so, there i was last summer, furiously adding sale items to my zara basket when i came upon this simple & elegant jumpsuit. the bodice: satin with lace trim, the bottom: a flattering wide leg with slits starting just above the knee and falling all the way to the bottom. Price? $15.99 from $59.99. I added it to my basket and carried on looking for other items. by the time 2 minutes had passed and i went to check out, that soul destroying message popped up: "some items in your basket are no longer available." sorry what now?! it was the stupid jumpsuit. it's the one thing about online shopping i hate. if i were in a store and found something, someone else couldn't take that same item and check it out whilst i continued to browse. grr! i was in the kind of distress only ebay can help solve. and sure enough, there it was a few weeks later, listed for $45. she didn't even have the courtesy to remove the price tag when she posted it to me - she was my arch nemesis who bought it for $15.99. at least postage was free. so you better believe that by the time the winter sales rolled around, whenever i found a crazy bargain, i added it to the basket, and went through checkout immediately. i had each little $10 package shipped to store for free, haha! they got to know me in Jan /Feb in our local store! once bitten, twice shy! if i were more entrepreneurial, i'd make a tidy profit. problem is, i know myself - i'd end up just keeping it all!

the sequin jacket which i managed to balance on my shoulders the entire night - even through eating!- was another ebay find from my Topshop obsessed days. i had wanted to buy it in store but couldn't stomach the £100+ price tag at the time. once it was sold out ofcourse, i was willing to give my arm or donate my brain to science for that jacket. i stalked ebay for a loooong time. when it finally appeared for sale, i think i bought it for all of £40 - i was chuffed to bits! the shoes were from the zara winter sale & the bag was from the mango sale.

back to the night...we had no picture taken together, we were too busy mingling! it was a fun and busy night - with much bidding on exciting items to raise money for the kids. alas my ebay bidding skills did not quite translate in the world of high rollers! however we had fun and did win a couple of silent auction items - but not this food basket which kola was pretty excited about - i think it got him at "marble cake".......


i've always loved ebay, i've written about it here before with some tips for getting the best deals!

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