spring is here!

on the 1st of march, my birthday, it was warm. it was so warm i wandered around with just my shirt. i was convinced spring had sprung. a couple of days later they were announcing a snow storm. i'd about had it. it's coming up to 2 months since that day and in the interim i've packed away my entire winter wardrobe in protest....and recovered my sweaters as i realised i was only luring death by frostbite. but now, it would appear that as may takes off, the warmer weather is truly making an appearance! i am here for it! whilst in maryland a couple of weeks ago, temperatures hit the dizzying heights of 25.5C ( 78F) and I dared to break in one of my new maxi dresses.


by the next day temperatures were back to the 50s and it got me thinking about moving to the sahara desert where the climate is consistently hot. today however, the sun is back in it's blazing glory and i am deliriously excited. it is 30C people! (thats 86F. listen, i was raised in centigrade, i can't wrap my head around farenheight. freezing point is 0...not 32. it doesn't make sense! anyway, i digress...).

so, as  i was driving around on one of my many errands mid morning, i started fantasising about driving in a convertible in this delicious weather. naturally, my mind tends towards the downsides of everything & a memory immediately popped up of a sunny day in england when seemingly everyone on the motorway was speeding past us in a convertible car. the british weather being the british weather, a few miles down the way the heavens opened up. all the cars started shutting down their roofs. i suddenly noticed someone pull up on the hard shoulder and jump out of their car and start to manually pull their cover back up. "not so smug and sexy now!", i thought. i chuckled to myself as i remembered it all, then I looked up and realised i had a sunroof! i opened the bad boy up and let that sunshine in! i felt so cool....nowhere near as sexy as a drop-top ofcourse, but a lot slicker to shut should the heavens open up. a few minutes into my newfound fun feature and i was done. i couldn't hear myself think with all the wind whooshing in and my cheek actually began to sizzle. it was hot. i think i got sunburnt. i think the woman from my cautionary tale threw a curse my way as i giggled past her and her manually-convertible car. "who's feeling cheeky now?!" - i can hear her say. sigh.

i hope you've been enjoying the warmer weather...i'll be sharing a post with fashion picks for the warmer weather this coming week!



(p.s - this post was from wednesday, when it was actually hot. right now it's drizzling outside - new england indeed!)