Au revoir May - with love, the silver fox


“In 24 days I’ll Be 8!”.

That excited statement is how I was slapped into the reality of tomorrow being the first day of June. Morayo-Hope has been anticipating the 24th of June 2019 since the 25th of June 2018. Isn’t that one of the joys of childhood...the positive anticipation of ageing?! Some of us are being dragged kicking and screaming, one new silver hair at a time, to the next age! Yes, I am bringing silver hair in because this month, after a few years of knowing the exact sprouting location of my one silver hair, a few silver strands started appearing like the first pops of corn in the pot. Unlike the popping corn, these grey hairs did not have me salivating excitedly. They just had me staring at the mirror in disbelief, because I knew - unlike George Clooney-  these were not ushering in the sexiest phase of my life. Society has truly glorified the salt and pepper look on a man. I’m yet to see the female equivalent of George Clooney. I appreciate that the grey hair dyeing trend has been on the up and up but as is usually the way, it is glorified when adorned by 20 something models, not women who are actually at the age when this look decides to impose itself on them. So what do we do? Do we wait for the magazines to begin to say “oh look at this 40yr old mama with sexy salt & pepper hair living her best life!”, before we decide that we are still beautiful?  I won’t pretend it doesn’t suck, but I also won’t allow my beauty to be dictated by what has been decided by the editor of some magazine. 

Last Saturday was the anniversary of my mums passing -  a few days after I had discovered the hidden silver strands. I got to thinking about an article I once read about Princess Diana and how those that die young are eternally young. The images that remain of them will have them permanently at their last age or younger. That is both their blessing and curse. To remain eternally young, you must die young.  


So on 25th May, I spoke to my mum about my silver hairs. Told her I was much older than her now, lol! I know she’d have taken these silver hairs if it meant she could’ve stayed to see me get mine. And for that reason, I close out the month laughing. May, you tried it, but I see your silver hairs & I raise you my sexy sparkling silver sequin dress. Because I get to be here and experience what my mum and dad aren’t able to. 

And hello to June, the month that made me a mother for the first time. You are the spring season of my life. And so with you, I look forward to the birth of new things in my life. 



I am here for sequins in the summer - especially silver sequins! There is something decadent and indulgent about donning a sparkly outfit to and late afternoon event in the summer. I picture a balmy evening, cocktails flowing and music playing and the soft light from the setting sun causing the sequins to reflect on your face. No shimmer powder needed. #flawless.