Schools out & so begins 73 days of summer!!


one of my biggest adjustments since arriving into the US is the general lack of vacations during the school year....and then this one seemingly never-ending summer break! to put it into perspective, here how things stacked up in the School morayo-hope was attending in the UK:

Autumn Term: 14 weeks, minus 7 school days half term break. Christmas break = 3 weeks

Spring Term: 10 weeks minus 7 school days half term break. Easter break = 3 weeks

Summer Term: 13 weeks minus 6 school days half term break. Summer break = 55 days / 7 weeks & 6 days

and here how things stacked up for us over here:

Autumn Term: 16 weeks, minus 3 days off Thanksgiving and 3 days off for labour / columbus & veterans days . Christmas break = 7 school days

Spring Term: 14 weeks minus 5 school days mid winter break & 1 day MLK holiday. Spring break = 1 week

Summer Term: 8 weeks minus 1 school day Memorial Day holiday. Summer break = 73 days / 10 weeks & 3 days

i was about ready to drop when the year finally ended last Thursday! i have thoughts about this vacation system but I don’t have the energy for it right now! what i do have energy for though, is filling you in on our adventures this summer. last summer it was all so new so there was no real planning on my part....everything just sort of happened as we went along. i was also still recovering from the swift relocation from the UK. this summer, it would’ve been fun to travel and do all sorts but with 2 very recent family trips to Zim, a 40th birthday trip to Jamaica and saving for our US home, that is not an option. what is an option however, is making the most of everyday and capturing even the seemingly mundane. i can’t believe morayo-hope & Judah will be 7 & 5 respectively in the next 2 weeks! i know a lot is going to change over the next 10 weeks and 3 days and i want to squeeze every last drop of joy out of the remnants of their toddlerhood. 

summer in New England is just beautiful. let me tell you, when it is cold here, you forget what it is to be warm. when people speak of it, it sounds like fiction: “what is this sun you speak of?!!”. and now that the sun is blazing hot, i’m struggling to remember what manner of cold it was that had me ordering snow boots and snowsuits for the price of....well let’s just say...i could’ve got many a zara bargain with that money...and infact their sale is about to start! i need to put that lamentation far from my mind! for now, i'll lament that my first kid is now a 2nd grader...what?!! 

off to sob into my pillow,