Vacation Pool Party Looks

When vacationing I love staying in resorts with swim up bars - just feels so indulgent!!

Usually the live entertainment at the bar starts up around sunset, and honestly who wants to be trudging back to the hotel room to change and come back again and look for a nice spot by the pool? Not me. It was with this in mind that I styled these looks. Using my regular black swimsuit, I opted for this tulle spot dress as a cover up in lieu of a typical cover. Most people are partying in their bikini’s and swimsuits anyway so this is perfect as your suit is still visible, but you feel a little more dressed up.

Zara Tulle Spot Dress As Swimcover

The second look was really about glamming it up! I’d literally roll these pants up into my beach bag, and once I’m done swimming and sunning myself, just whip them out and throw them over my swimsuit, ready to boogie into the wee hours of the morning!

Zara silver sequin pants and Swimsuit

This is obviously all happening on a girls trip, or a mum & dad only trip: basically no kids allowed! These are my “living my best life on vacation” looks. As always, I can be relied upon to have the closet ready ever before the trip is booked! Now onto planning that trip……

Tulle Dress, Swimsuit & Sequin Pants - All past season Zara

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