9 years and counting...

This is the first year that our anniversary actually crept up on me! Anything that involves me receiving a gift of some kind is always at the forefront of my mind. Maybe I'm growing as a person? Maybe I'm maturing and learning to appreciate that there's more to life than frantically unwrapping pretty bows and paper to reveal a magical zara gift card - the only acceptable gift apart from a specified object. Or maybe mum-brain has taken over good and proper. I'm going with the latter - how can there be more to life than presents and gift cards?!  

Anyway, the good man Kola was on it. He announced he'd be taking the day off work and we would have the whole day to ourselves. A whole day was soon whittled down to the 2hrs 45 mins between when Judah sets off for school and I have to pick up Morayo-Hope from hers. 


We didn't overthink it. We drive to the waterfront and picked a restaurant that looked good and reasonably lively. As this was a daytime date, I didn't want to dazzle onlookers with a bling outfit. Nor did I want to cause a coronary in an outfit not suited for the mostly older population that tend to be out and about at this time of day. A one shoulder bodysuit (you know, a cheeky sneak peak), and jeans fit the bill. 


Something else that made this anniversary particularly special was Morayo-Hope. I overheard her (not hard to do as I was in the car) speaking with my sister and lamenting the fact that she didn't have a babysitter. "Why?", asked my sister. "She could've helped me plan a surprise for mummy and daddy for their anniversary." My heart melted. They plotted to involve our neighbour Karen, and she was grinning from ear to ear. On the day we woke up to this pretty card:


As we drove home from her piano lesson, she asked if we would be baking cupcakes to celebrate the anniversary. "No", was the swift answer. I had zero energy for baking. It was a deliciously lazy day and I wanted it to stay that way. After a chinwag with my neighbour, I went to go inside and she presented me with a cake! Turns out they'd planned it with Morayo-Hope. What a sweet way to round off the day. Morayo-Hope ate most of the cake! When bedtime came around, she protested. "I haven't had as much time to celebrate the anniversary! You and daddy have been together all day but I haven't had much time!" Umm.....


I actually can't believe it's been 9 years. Marriage, as wonderful as it is, is no walk in the park. And everyday you realise you are the one who is called to change, not the person you think should change. It is a journey in humility and everyday we learn more and more about ourselves.

Here goes the 10th year!