new month, new little something.....


so, i excelled at failing to keep this blog updated in july. whilst i can testify that it was a hectic month, i also know i could've kept on top of tis blog had i made better use of my time. i believe it was Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. i don't know about you but i honestly get nothing done for myself as long as i stay in this house, my whole day revolves around cooking, cleaning and tidying up. the only way to get my stuff done is to do it outside of the house. i am one of those people who really can't function when things are out of order. so as much as i may tell myself to come home and sit at my desktop and focus, i walk in and start clearing up breakfast mess and before i know it i've vacuumed the whole house, done some laundry, rearranged a room or 2, started making dinner and have 30 minutes left before i have to go and collect the mess creators.  i usually use these 30 minutes to cheer myself up watching E! Daily Pop - the only news I watch these days!



next week Morayo-Hope goes into a camp that is 45 minutes from home each way, whilst Judah is in his centre from 8 - 4.  so i decided that instead of coming home and getting sucked into housework, i could finally get that laptop and get stuff done! so today i got myself a MacBook Air. i've been wanting one for so long and decided to take the plunge! it had to be Apple because my phone and computer are too which means my documents & images just flow seamlessly, plus i don't have to try and remember any passwords. and they are the best. there, i said it! 

as I'm typing, i'm in my bed with the little people fast asleep. ordinarily I'd have dozed off with them and it'd be tough to start heading downstairs to try and get to work at the desktop. but now, here i am, 3 blog posts in and feeling like a champ! (maybe it's the adrenalin from the new laptop...hmm, ask me in a week!)  i can't wait for next week's productivity though!

**it's now Tuesday, morayo-hope & judah are at their respective activities and i'm posting this from a cute little cafe in the seaside town of Warren. i'm looking out at boats on the bay and struggling to believe that this is real life!! i love rhode island! oh yes, i ended up writing 12 posts on Saturday night! wiiiiinnnner!**