it's not my style...

i've hit that phase with morayo-hope where i am fast trying to turn back the hands of time. i can actually see she is growing up - and fast. in no area is this more evident than where it concerns her clothes. up until about 6 months ago, she was very content with whatever i put before her to wear. "you choose mummy!", was her swift response whenever i put 2 carefully assembled options before her. at times i worried that she either didn't care much about fashion (heaven forbid!), or that maybe i was too overbearing and she'd decided her willpower wasn't yet a match for mine. if it was the latter, it would appear my day of reckoning has arrived. as we hurtle head-on towards her 7th birthday (yes, 7!), i am told daily of how whatever i've selected is not up to par.


as i mentioned in the previous post, i'm a zara fiend. and in the sales, i go to town. for the kids i buy clothes in any size above theirs as long as i think it's a bargain whose style will last a few years. when my husband announced a business trip to the uk, i immediately jumped on the uk site and shipped some kids stuff to store. a loyal supporter of my zara obsession & follower of the blog (and husband's colleague in the uk!) helped me pass on the package! upon it's arrival, i gleefully summoned little miss mh & showed her my bargain for her. she looked at the jacket, then looked at me.

"it's not my style mummy." 

"what do you mean?"

"it's just not my style."

"I'll take you back to zimbabwe / nigeria and show you your style. my friend, this is now your style. your style is "whatever mama buys!", that's your style!"


ok, so that last statement didn't make it out of my mouth, because at that point, my mind went blank. my brain was in re-set factory mode. what just happened? i should've been prepared. in the months preceding, she'd been determined to wear: maroon unicorn leggings & a purple rainbow top. why? "because unicorns jump over rainbows." ; and refused to wear a dress she had begged me to buy because "actually it isn't really fashion enough." outfits i put together were "not really stylish" and the super cute button down shirt? that was classified "boring." 

where did my "oh mummy, you're so fashion! you're so stylish! you know all about fashion!" kid go?!


i'm learning slowly that she is becoming her own person, and that giving her some free reign in expressing herself in the things she wears would not be such a bad thing. that doesn't mean it's easy.

 one thing is for sure though - whatever her style is, that jacket will be finding itself in the mix. because this mama isn't buying a full price jacket that'll be too small in 6 months in the name of "it's not my style"!

that's not my style!

p.s - the silver shoes in all those pics? initially deemed a thumbs down....then, acceptable without the fringe flaps...then, worn with fringe flaps at this mamas request. and now? a firm favourite because "everyone always says they are the coolest shoes & i look cute!". excuse me whilst i dust my shoulder.



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