A birthday double whammy


I had plans for my birthday. Tears would be involved as I would mourn the passing of a smaller digit for a bigger one inching me ever closer to 40. But after the little mourn, I would put on my little glittery skirt and dress up the kids and head to the swanky Capital Grille. I would order the biggest steak on the menu and enjoy a birthday cocktail. Yes, I was going to celebrate in style.


2 guests that definitely weren't invited were Aunt Ruby and Chicken Pox. They were definitely not on the list of invited guests. But like all gatecrashers, they showed up early and they announced their arrival flamboyantly.  

An ache in my tummy confirmed my worst nightmare. And a hot & lethargic Judah sealed the deal. A few spots later I was certain the only cocktails happening on that day involved calamine lotion, aveeno cream, oilatum and some Tylenol. 

So that's how it played out. And I was up all night - but for all the wrong reasons. It was a birthday, I got older, Judah got wiser to the meaning of pain and we celebrated with red velvet cake whilst Morayo-Hope told off her dad for not letting her sign the birthday card.  



Desperately seeking compensation for distress,