Day 3 of 73 - a mini adventure 😬


i don't know about you, but i have an overactive imagination. some might say slightly more than overactive! it is this frame of mind that usually has me fantasising all the time about why certain things might be happening. a week before day 3 of vacation mode occurred, my little car decided it fancied a visit to the garage. off we went, my bank card quaking at how much was about to be taken away from it and my body convulsing at the thought of spending money on something it could not wear! i handed over my car keys and was handed keys to a brand new 2018 version of my car. all previous anxieties melted away. all i knew in this moment was my life was now complete. this day was meant to be....God was showing me what i'd been missing out on and what a mediocre existence i had had till this point. 


this car drove like it was gliding on ice. it was like a hot knife through butter. let's not even get to how pimped up it was on the inside. it had EVERYTHING! i was done. this car was not going back. knowing that kola would immediately reset me to factory settings by reminding me we are saving for a house, i decided to reach out to my loyal friends on instagram/fb to join me in praying for my car to accidentally fall apart in the mini garage, meaning they'd then have to give me a new car. so what that this car is worth twice what mine is - they'd give it to me because this is america and i might call an injury lawyer on behalf of my car which they murdered in their workshop. that was the plan. i got a call the next day to say my car was fit and ready to roll. sigh. 


a week later, the same light started flashing and i said "my enemies have failed! my new car is calling!". we dropped off the car and i was rewarded with another 2018 model of my car - this time in pristine white. an angelic gift from the heavens if ever i saw one. as one day turned to 2 i started planning my car's funeral. on the third day my little blue car was ready to come home.  why was this car feeling like Jesus? what to do.

maybe third time will be a charm for me - in the meantime i've decided if i can't be with the one i love, i better love the one i'm with! my little mini is aptly named "miss moneypenny" - it may not be the sexiest bond girl, but it stands the test of time (and death threats!).

till we meet again....

till we meet again....