40th in NYC - Manolos for Breakfast

I woke up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy!  

Yep, I woke up with the biggest pep in my step! I had planned out my outfits for the day & nothing was standing in the way of me glamming my way through the day. I swear the adrenaline in my system was enough to heat up the whole hotel. The freezing temperatures outside were no match for it. I wore my tulle dress and heeled sandals and went about my day like it was a summer’s eve. We had breakfast in the hotel. My little sister Joy who came over from the UK specially, had gone ahead to get the table all set up for us & had even popped out to buy me some pretty yellow lilys. We were joined by my 2 other cousins, Chenai & Rumbi, who had also come over from the UK.

I kicked off the day with a mimosa ofcourse and then tucked into a yummy breakfast of eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.  


Kola and Judah wandered off after we finished eating and then reappeared with the most beautiful flower arrangement which he’d arranged through the hotel concierge! This was swiftly followed by a delicious chocolate tart with a candle. It really was the best way to kick off the birthday weekend.


As soon as we were done with breakfast we made our way to the Manolo Blahnik boutique. I’d dreamed of one day owning a pair of his “Hangisi” pumps, and today was the day it was going to happen.  It was so awesome to be surrounded by girls who were as giddy as I was about this moment. I was having my Carrie Bradshaw moment & it was everything I had imagined and more!


as soon as I put the shoes on I felt alive! Haha! I have loved them from afar for so long that I couldn’t even believe it was actually happening. My biggest dilemma was in deciding which height to get. The 3 1/2” were immediately comfortable but they didn’t have the sexy edge that the 4 1/2” had. I finally settled on the higher heel & I’m so happy I did! The girls all agreed they had the better look. And they are seriously comfortable considering the height! I had to go down half a size which is what a lot of reviews online had said.

In the bag!!

In the bag!!

Safely home & ready for their debut! Woop!

Safely home & ready for their debut! Woop!

The afternoon tea & Karaoke are coming next!!


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