lost at the fair


a couple of posts ago i told you guys how i lost my niece at the beach. well, to pacify kelsey, i told her the story of when i got lost at the tender age of something under 10. we'd gone to the Harare agricultural show - it was the social event of every august holiday in any Zimbabwean child's calendar. it was only at this show that we could enjoy fair rides like the rollercoaster and big wheel. we literally waited ALL YEAR to go. when the time would come, our 3 older cousins would be tasked with looking after about 5 of us younger ones. every year I fantasized about getting to the fair and being able to buy food from the braai (bbq) hut or the burger shack. every year my aunt would enthusiastically pack rice, chicken and coleslaw into a cooler, hand it to the older ones and send us on our merry way. i felt sorry for myself then. but now i feel sorry for my cousins who were teenagers wandering around at the coolest event carrying a massive cooler with 5 annoying kids trailing behind them. sad times.

this particular year we decided to hang around for the fireworks at the end of the evening. we all took our places and enjoyed the spectacular display. i don't know if it was my first time seeing fireworks. all i know is that somehow, long after the fireworks were done i was still staring into the sky until i was the only one sitting on the benches. i don't remember panicking. to be honest, i think i have always liked a little bit of chaos. i like it when things kinda go off whack - it means something exciting is about to happen. i got down and started walking in the direction of the lights. i soon happened upon 2 teens in high vis jackets looking for little people like me: strays. i remember the girl had blond hair in a low ponytail.

they took me to a makeshift police station. i sat down and looked around at the different people in there and immediately recognized the man in charge. he was from our church. you couldn't be in that church and not know him. you know how in every pentecostal church theres always the guy that might actually have been at the original pentecost? this was him. when it was time to pray, his whole body knew it was praying. he was one of those tongue-talkers who shouted like this: "RA-KA-KA-TI-PRA-KA-TI-TI-LO-BRA-GI-ZHI-TA-LO-GA-TI-TI-TI!!!". i knew if i told him my surname he'd know my family and call my dad. infact if i told him the name of any one of my aunts name he'd know immediately. they were very involved in that church. he got up to question a drunken man who was in handcuffs. i decided it'd be fun to watch a live drama before having to leave immediately. 

"Saka, wafunga Kuba nyama pamabraai stands handiti?" (so, you thought it'd be fun to steal meat off the bbq stands huh?". the guy was too drunk to answer. "pindura! unonzani?!" (answer! what's your name?!). i wasn't sure why he was screaming at the guy, he was a goner. next thing I heard a slap.: PAH!. the meat thief hit the wall of the ram shack station. another whack: PAH! suddenly he remembered his name, his address, his date of birth, his mothers maiden name, the first time he had a crush - I mean........... it was a miraculous slap. i was now afraid to tell this policeman my name. what if he slapped all the secrets out of me too. heck no. i waited. infact i don't even remember how i got out of there, but i did - and slap free. the family were just too pleased I was alive and well to bother with punishments. 

kelsey just looked at me and decided that her little episode of "lost at a bougie beach in the USA"  wasn't quite so bad after all. 

I wore:

top: madewell (old) but for a similar effect try this here and here

skirt: Zara (old) similar from madewell here 

bag & sunglasses: Zara (old) try these here, here and here

shoes: lucky brand via Nordstrom rack