day 14: lifeguard! I've lost my niece!

there's no greater compliment a parent can give you than entrusting their child into your care. there's no greater insult you could give that parent than losing their child. this is what was going through my head on that sunny afternoon when I'd decided it would be a great idea to take mh & her cousin to the beach. 



they had been ecstatic. we'd bought some cheap chairs from Walmart and carried sprinkles our picnic blanket. we packed snacks and drinks and money to buy more. we arrived, they played. they built sandcastles, they ran in and out of the water. kelsey asked me to hold her hand a few times. it was all fun and games. once i felt comfortable they were happy and clear on the rules, i sat down. i was in front anyway so i could see them. i brought out my magazine. i looked up after a few minutes and some people were setting up camp in front of me. i tried to see were the kids were and spotted morayo-hope heading round towards me. "where is Kelsey?!" i asked. "oh, i thought she was behind me." and so began the longest 5 minutes of my life. i ran to the life guard. i needed everyone on the whole beach to stop moving, all phones switched off and a man with a deep baritone to get the loudspeaker and scream "KELSEY!!!". 


the lifeguard who looked about 16 with abs that declared she had no kids, looked at me like this happened all the time. "this happens all the time." she said matter of factly. not to me it doesn't, i thought. where's Mitch and the Baywatch gang? why is no-one running across the sand?! "she's not my child," i said, hoping to inject the seriousness of the matter into her system. "we'll find her, it literally happens ALL DAY," she said. i started to trot in an a panicked African mother way, hands turned upwards pleading with the Lord.

"is that her? ", she asked and i spun fully on the spot "where? where?!", i asked. then i saw her with her own lifeguard walking towards us. "i saw her circling the station" said the other flat-abbed 16yr old lifeguard. i scooped her up and made a mental note to possibly get leashes for the next time we visit. if we ever visit. oh, and do some sit ups. and lunges.


after all that excitement, i didn't leave their sides. we took some fun pictures and they were happy. we got home and all was well with the world again. here's hoping i will be trusted with people's kids in the future - what a drama!



we went to Narragansett Town Beach, one of the best and most family friendly beaches in RI. There are lifeguard stations everywhere, a food station selling burgers, fries, pizzas etc and Dels lemonade stands all over.  Unfortunately it is not a state beach so getting onto the beach is $10 per adult, kids are free. it is also $10 to park for the day. this is Narragansett Town’s way of controlling the crowds and ensuring their residents can always enjoy the beach which is fair.  

for more information on this beach click here