What?! This old thaaang?

so, i can't even remember if i told you that i got rid of practically my whole wardrobe before we left the UK. i don't know what came over me - perhaps i'd been hypnotised into believing someone would be waiting for me with a wad of cash when i arrived. ok fine, so I did feel it was the right thing to do at the time- i had this need to travel light and embrace the new. i got through the summer somewhat unscathed, although to be honest i did go a little nuts in the summer sale trying to find items to somewhat bolster my sad looking closet. and recently i have been found on the ebay app trying to find items similar to those i zealously chucked out. true story.


anyway, so here's the problem with cutting the wardrobe back to it's bare bones: you can't hide any new purchases cos they are OBVIOUS! and now that the hubster and i have a shared closet, it's even tougher than ever. i had a friend - lets call her Prunella- who was so slick. she'd keep purchases in the boot of the car and let them see the light of day maybe 3 months later, at which point they are technically old, so she aint lying when she says "what this? i've had this for ages! i just hardly wear it." i love the spirit of Prunella! unfortunately that spirit cannot save me now cos i'm all out in the open. 


over the weekend i wore my new jacket which i purchased from zara in the sale. as soon as kola saw me he shouted "LAUNCHOOOOO!!!!" (pronounced launch-OH in an echoey manner) . at first i wanted to just weep that i couldn't share in prunella's shameful ways anymore - and then decided to dance to his "LAUNCHOOOO!!" soundtrack. i also picked up a cosy dressing gown in the victoria secret sale - they are not playing with those markdowns! - and as i went about my kids morning routine kola shouted "LAUNCHOOOO!!!". and i danced. 


so now i'm thinking....this dancing game is pretty fun. dancing is so good for the soul, it lifts the spirit and is pretty contagious. and it's a form of exercise - just look at zumba. i can think of no better reason to reveal something new every month. wait, every week. then again, do I want to dance once a week....or everyday?! hey...i'm just trying to be healthy here guys. and happy. so i guess i'm going shopping. out with the spirit of prunella. in with "LAUNCHOOOOOOO!!".


(does anyone know a dollar store that sells nice clothes? this keeping fit life is mad expensive!)



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