Saying Goodbye


I hate goodbyes. I'm not sure there are too many people who like them to be fair.


Our last few weeks were filled with lunch and dinner dates with various friends and family and it began to make the move that little bit more real. There were so many people we ended up leaving without saying goodbye to properly which wasn't ideal.

Our neighbours threw us an amazing English tea party themed send off, complete with scones and clotted cream, bubbly and sandwiches. Naturally Judah wanted a nibble of everything going!! We were so touched and wondered if we would in this same lifetime, be gifted another group of genuinely warm & loving neighbours. They say no! We can only hope and pray they are wrong! Our church family also threw us an amazing send off party and our families joined us for one last hurrah at our home. 

Morayo-Hope was given the most beautiful goodbye card by her friends and teachers at her school. I have never seen anything like it. I was really touched - we will treasure it forever.

Having put my Marie Kondo Magic to work, I had managed to sell / gift a large quantity of the items in our house. All that was left was for the movers to come in and pick us up and ship our things to the US. We sold our car on that last day to, simply because we just couldn't deal with the aggravation of any other type of sale!

So on that last day, on about an hours sleep in 48hrs, I packed up my 2 little people into the car that came to pick us and our 5 suitcases. We bid our neighbours and my beautiful friend who had been my chauffeur for the day goodbye.


As we drove off I thanked God for relationships. Family, friends, neighbours, old relationships and new. Let's not take the people in our lives for granted. All these goodbyes and people crying made me feel like I was planning my own funeral. And in the end I thought, none of us know when we will leave for good. Yet we live as if tomorrow is guaranteed. Let's make the most of now.

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