How To Wear Floral Prints To Work

I love jeans. I live in jeans. But at some point in the winter I feel like burning my jeans because I get so fed up of wearing them out of necessity and not choice. As soon as the clocks jumped forward and they announced spring, I was ready to free my legs from the denim shackles and into the vitamin d saturated atmosphere! Alas the sun in these parts is being shy about coming out of the clouds but when it does, i’m ready!

club monaco silk floral print dress with zara blazer, zara raffia bag and zara mustard slingback shoes

This is a look i imagined for a dressdown Friday when you have a little event after work but don’t want to wear jeans and a cute top…….again! This dress packs a punch because it is demure enough to be worn under a blazer and play the part of serious working lady from 9am - 4:59pm. But come 5pm , the blazer comes off and the shoulders come out to play! I love that the thin straps at the shoulder help support the dress, whilst the off shoulder straps simply give the sexy edge. The myriad of colourful flowers gives plenty of options for accessorising! I teamed it with yellow to really brighten the look & a raffia bag to add a bit of fun to the look.

Club Monaco Floral Off Shoulder Dress, Zara Yellow slingback kitten heels, Zara raffia bag, Madewell sunglasses

I wish I could tell you this dress was available in stores - it isn’t! I bought it in Club Monaco’s outlet store during my birthday weekend. I decided to share it anyway because I wanted to inspire you to invest in a blazer, not so much the dress. A blazer is one of the most versatile items you could have in your closet as it will smarten any look and make your clothes work a lot harder for you. So, if you have a lot of floral items you weren’t sure how to work into your work closet, there you go - buy a blazer! You can get one new, or venture to resale sites like The Real Real, Buy My Wardrobe, Thred Up or Poshmark where you’ll find better quality ones for a fraction of the price. Vintage stores are also an amazing place to find one of a kind blazers - my favourite in Rhode Island is The Vault - I picked up a Ralph Lauren one there last week! The one I have on here is an old Zara one which I nearly Marie Kondo’d because on that day it wasn’t bringing me joy. Thankfully I didn’t, and as you can see my joy is insurmountable as the blazer balances on my shoulders - like it was created to do.

Definitely try blazers on before buying. They are one of those items that I could recommend with links but they fit differently based on your body. I’d say get out there and try try try. As a general rule, the longer your legs in relation to your torso, the longer the blazer can go. If your waist is tiny in relation to your hips, look for more fitted cuts so you don’t end up looking too wide on top.