Field of Dreams

JCrew Stripe Dress, Tulip field photoshoot

As much as the New Year is the most popular time for dreaming and planning and setting goals, I feel like we are given opportunity as each season turns to to reset and look at life with new eyes. Spring feels like the perfect time for this: new life appears everywhere we look. Pretty flowers are all around, trees once looking skeletal are green again and the days once short, dark cold are suddenly longer, brighter and a touch less breezy. All this puts one in a slightly more optimistic frame of mind. We are suddenly awakened as if waking from hibernation and are “full of the joys of spring”!

I have found myself suddenly feeling hopeful. Morayo-Hope says she loves this season but wishes it weren’t accompanied by bees! Roses and thorns I guess.

JCrew Stripe Dress, Tulip field photoshoot

I am celebrating the wins from the last 4 months and pressing on. I thought today of how grateful I am for the life I have. How grateful I am to be where I am and to be surrounded by the people I’m surrounded by. For the opportunities I’ve been afforded inspite of myself. I got to thinking about what someone else would do given the opportunities before me. I felt a rush of determination and spent the rest of my morning listening to podcasts as I cleaned the house (The Lively Show & Hilary Rushford are my current obsessions) . The house that I suddenly looked at with new eyes and so much gratitude.

I’d been very nervous about May, my dad was still alive on this day last year. In a week, it’ll be a year since he took his last breath. However, I’m ok so far. I’m optimistic as I think of the possibilities that lie ahead. Quietly excited for what lies ahead.

I am dreaming.

JCrew Stripe Dress, Tulip field photoshoot

Style Corner

I bought this dress after I’d happened upon one 10 times my size (no exaggeration) and buying it anyway. You know you’re doing something dumb when the sales associate looks like she’s called the men in white coats to accost you at the door. I was going to get it altered I told her. She simply nodded as she calculated that perhaps 4 dresses my size could be made from the one she was folding presently. God felt sorry for me & I found one in my size a couple of months later on the JCrew site. If you wish you had one, sorry - it’s from last summer. However, you can find this year’s version here.

If you’d like to be included in the clients I shop for when I shop for myself (promise to only buy you stuff that fits!) - give me a shout here & I’ll send you more information!