what dreams may come...

so there I was last week monday, minding my own business getting ready to hit the road. we had just finished a weekend visiting family in Maryland and were anticipating that 6hr drive home. kola had stepped out for one last walk with judah - he loves going for walks! i glanced down at my phone and there was a message & i could see the sender was still typing. i opened it & it said "They want you on TV!!". my head started spinning as i read the rest of the message and realised that she was serious: a producer read my blog and wanted to know if i'd be interested in joining a panel of mums on a mother's day segment they were filming. oh, and the filming was taking place on wednesday! a mixture of excitement and deer-in-headlights fear enveloped me. i all but exploded when Kola walked in. he heard me out and gave his opinion. alicia was quick to remind of my 40 before 40 - ("why am i such a blabbermouth?!", i thought to myself. Haha! )

but with that and kola's blessing i was good to go! picking an outfit to wear for tv was pretty simple: the simpler & more classic, the better. the show we were filming for is a morning show local to Rhode Island. I went with my silk blouse, skinny jeans and statement shoes. 

pinch me! with one of the presenters of "the rhode show", Michaela Johnson - as down to earth and beautiful in person as on tv!

pinch me! with one of the presenters of "the rhode show", Michaela Johnson - as down to earth and beautiful in person as on tv!

(l-r Tracy from  Providence Moms Blog , Michaela Johnson, Courtney from  Mod Mommy  and Audrey from  Mom Generations.

(l-r Tracy from Providence Moms Blog, Michaela Johnson, Courtney from Mod Mommy and Audrey from Mom Generations.

i was able to share this exciting day with morayo-hope. "what do you want to be when you grow up mummy?", is one of her favourite things to ask. she usually goes on to suggest "you should do something about fashion mummy, you're so fashion! we're stylish aren't we mummy?". i love those little conversations, and for once she was going to see me doing something in line with what she believes so strongly is my calling. "you're going to be great mummy!" she squealed as we headed to dunkin' donuts where the filming was taking place. she made it her job to be my cheerleader! she ordered a "spring fling" donut as we waited for the crew and team to arrive. before long everyone was there and i was meeting the other mums and soon  being rigged up with a mic. in what seemed like a flash the filming was over, we were taking group pics,  and then i was back in my car wondering what had just happened. one minute i was high off the adrenalin of the shoot, the next it dawned on me that people were going to watch this and i shouted "Oh no!!".

"what's wrong mummy?", said morayo-hope.

"i just realised i'm going to be on tv and i'm so nervous!", i replied.

"mummy, being on tv is a big deal. this is a great opportunity - you should be very proud of yourself!"

and with that, i had my proudest mummy moment yet with the very child that made me a mummy and meant i had this opportunity to be on tv. i started this blog because of her too & i was so proud to share this amazing moment with her. 

look at that left leg...how does this girl do this?!!

look at that left leg...how does this girl do this?!!

you can watch the segment we filmed over the 4 weeks in may on The Rhode Show. i'll be sure to keep you posted via our instagram and facebook pages .... and remember to subscribe to this blog by clicking here. we don't want you to miss any part of our exciting adventures!




p.s there is a lot more to say about what this day meant to me in the light of everything happening in our lives at the moment. at the right time, i will share, but for now all i can say is trust God, dreams really can come true.