A whole lotta money for a little bit of Wholefoods!

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image source here

One place I couldn't wait to get to was Wholefoods!! And it just so happens to be the closest supermarket to where we are now staying. 

My cousin came down to see us last weekend and together we hit Wholefoods! It was as if I hadn't seen food before. I may have gone a little crazy. At the same time, we didn't even have salt. So really this was major. First thing that hit me as we wandered around was just how expensive everything was compared to the UK. Obviously it being Wholefoods I expected to pay a bit more, but not this much more! $6 for a pack of granola, $20 for a pack of salmon, $4 for a loaf of bread!! And don't get me started on the adding taxes after! Let's just say by the time we got to the checkout I was praying in tongues. My cousin said she wanted to give me a high 5 when it went through but decided it might be inappropriate! Haha! Using a foreign card is fraught with all kinds of nervous moments. I'm always half expecting the machine to sound an alarm and ask me to step back. I can't wait to open a local bank account!

Last weekend was just the best. My cousin and I had an awesome reunion. After over 20 years of living apart, we are now mere hours apart. She was my big sis growing up (and still is!). I copied everything from her - even wanted to write like her! We forgot to take a single picture....although sometimes that's when you know you've really had the best time. For now, just enjoy these two playing in the snow after chicken-pox-gate.


Holding out for a lottery win,