Boston - in a nutshell

We loved the visit to Boston. The first couple of days were a snow-off! We stayed in the hotel and just ate and slept! With a 6 hour time difference to make up we weren't complaining! Judah & MH had found a new hobby in "exploring" with their dad. Off they'd go in the lift and pick a random floor to visit. Up and down the corridors they'd wander and bring back tales of views from the top floor. 

Kids really are easily and cheaply entertained! Unfortunately we didn't come effectively equipped for the weather so building snowmen was out of the question.

Once things had calmed down weather wise and we had a rental car at our disposal, we went on a tour of potential homes. We were keen to stay in Massachusetts for several reasons but it soon became clear that the area we liked, only liked footballers and NBA stars. Moving swiftly on then... 

We then went on a few school tours. It was frustrating to find out MH would have to go back a whole year! We shortlisted a couple we liked and moved on inspite of the upset. When we weren't school / house hopping we were stuffing our faces full of delicious food. We all became addicted to the breakfast at the Marriot- highly recommended!! 

We managed to fit in time with a few family members that live in Massachusetts / the East Coast, MH even got to enjoy her cousin's 6th birthday party! We had a fantastic trip and are feeling a little less nervous about our move to the USA.