run, forest, run!

I did my run! if you already follow us on facebook or instagram then you know the high i’ve been on since! i was buzzing so much i intended on writing about the experience on the very day. procrastination got the better of me and here we are. so how was it? here’s a mini play by play:

i woke up Sunday morning feeling like p-diddy. (hopefully u know the song to get the reference!)

i was ready to roll - a little mix of nerves and excitement is always present whenever i’m about to do something little out of my comfort zone. nerves were very present because not only had i signed up for the 6.9km (4.2mile) race a mere 2 weeks before it happened, i had also only worked out once in preparation. and in that workout (the first of 2018 I might add), i had only completed 3 miles or so in an hour. it wasn’t looking good for me finishing the race ahead of anyone. kola had prophesied that i would surely come last. it became my goal to come second to last - anything to lump him with the false prophets the Bible warned of in the last days.


I was feeling pretty optimistic as alicia and i drove to the run. we were meeting up with our friend Nicole and together we made up the team “we thought they said rum!”. (all credit for the clever name goes to Nicole!). upon arrival i was overwhelmed by the number of people i was about to make a fool of myself in front of. visions of myself being airlifted in a foil blanket after running 400m were very much at the fore of my mind. i was so nervous and intimidated by very athletic looking people i couldn’t even bring myself to do stretches properly. i felt like i was being judged. i wondered if anyone might be thinking i was some kenyan pro athlete that had decided to run for fun. i didn’t want to shatter that illusion. although the t-shirt probably did the job all by itself. and the look of fear in my eyes.


i had downloaded almost every workout playlist on iTunes. i had about 7+ hours worth of music before i figured even if i walked i’d have more than enough songs. well, the battery would probably die and i’d be eaten by a pack of wolves with no means to send an sos. I got the music on and set off with the pack of runners. a lady who was a seasoned runner and had checked out the course had told us beforehand that half the run would be uphill and the other half we could literally tumble down to the finish line. about 100m for the start line was the sign for finish and i couldn’t have been happier. turned out it wasn’t. some people (Alicia) disappeared from sight before I could regroup after realizing that wasn’t the finish line. i kept Nicole in sight as much as possible.


my plan was to do a combination of running and walking and to try as much as possible not to worry about what was going on around me. walking was the easiest part. the running came second and avoiding worrying about other people was going well till what felt like a busload from the local assisted living home came trotting by. it may have just been 3 or 4 people but it felt like more. i picked up my pace and went for it. someone came whizzing past in a black and red checked shirt and black jeggings. to this moment i’m not sure if she was a runner or someone who robbed a house during the run and just flowed seamlessly with the crowd. her run (insane sprints followed by long stops gasping for air), and gear was pretty interesting. i should check the local papers. whilst i pondered the criminal possibilities of checked shirt girl, a coupe of ladies overtook me in tutus. final straw. with Nicole long gone, they became my new pace setters. i was busy wondering whether they bought the skirts or made them or nicked them off their daughters when i suddenly noticed runners walking in our direction. they looked like they’d finished the race, read a book, eaten lunch and were walking it off before doing another run to finish off their day. smug. that’s how they looked. i decided to pick up my pace and dig in, then i heard “Tanaka!” at about the same time as i noticed the finish line. it was kola waving proudly from the sidelines. i was pleasantly surprised to see the crew there as they’d been stuck in traffic right by our house.


my race ended at that point and i came in at 53 minutes - definitely not the last runner either! my body has definitely aching in areas I didn’t know existed but i tell you this week has been phenomenal as a result of that run! I have signed onto an exercise program because this run was meant to kickstart a healthier lifestyle for me. i have kept up the running and been doing all sorts of workouts. my body feels like its been beaten with baseball bats but i’ve never felt better mentally. i’ll keep you posted on the progress of that but for now, another goal ticked off my 40 before 40! boom!