40th in NYC - Planning My Looks

March is coming to a close, and with it the end of the best birthday month I’ve ever had! Before I shut the door on posts about my birthday and move on, I thought I’d share a little about my outfit choices. Now, just because I hadn’t planned on doing something big for my birthday doesn’t mean I wasn’t prepared! LOL! I always tell you I shop during the sales and keep things stashed away. Boy did that come in handy! I actually had more stuff available for me to select from than I needed. I pulled out my rail and started selecting things from my closet and placing them there. I decided to do this as if I was dressing a celebrity for her special event - if no one is rolling out the red carpet for you, you better find your own and roll it out & strut your stuff down it!! I checked the weather forecast and pulled out dresses, jeans, shoes and accessories.

women's clothes rack with zara dresses, allsaints leather jacket, lanvin h&m dresses, faux fur jacket

I already knew I was wearing my yellow dress for the main event. This dress along with he red tulle dress were from Lanvin’s 2010 collection with H&M. The 2 dresses sold out online and inshore before I could even say “LANVIN!”. 9 years later I had both dresses in my closet, brand new with tags for a fraction of their original cost!! Boom!! THANK YOU EBAY! I removed the black waistband on the dress and used a brooch from the same collection as they had done in their runway show that year. I always tell you, ebay and resale sites are the bomb!

Yellow Dress - for sale on ebay here, here and here // Red Tulle Dress - for sale on ebay here // Zara gold dress - for sale on ebay here // JCrew tulle skirt - for sale on ebay here

I wanted to go dancing afterwards & told the girls I wanted us to sparkle through the night so it was sequins all the way. The only thing left was the morning….I didn’t want to have a single dull fashion moment on my birthday, so I decided to wear my tulle dress. It all worked out perfectly in the end because going to buy a pair of Manolos in tulle was the perfect Carrie Bradshaw moment for me!! See that post here.

My biggest tip is to always take a picture of yourself in whatever you’re planning to wear!!! When you’re going to be the centre of attention it means a lot of pictures - you need to be certain that you’ll look as good in pictures as you do in real life. Some looks really don’t photograph well. I bought the back sandals from Nordstrom Rack - linked here. They worked well with everything I was going to wear. Everyone needs a pair of sexy black sandals, they go with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses!

Lanvin H&M red dress & Allsaints Leather Jacket in New York City with Manolo Blahnik shopping bag

Saturday I started the day in tulle again. It had snowed overnight but I didn’t let that slow my roll! We jumped in an uber and went on our way. As mentioned before, I’d kept a close eye on the weather in the run up to this weekend  and as soon as they suggested snow, I asked my friends for suggestions on a good brand for snow boots.  It was “Sorel!!” all round so I jumped on the Sorel website and ordered a pair of their Caribou snow boots. I was not getting caught with frostbite on this important weekend!! These boots are worth every cent - they are actually on sale right now.  The boots are so warm and toasty, my feet might as well have been left back home by the fireplace! Honestly I love these boots!

Zara Jeans and white T-shirt with Statement jewellery, ALlsaints Leather Jacket and Topshop Oversized Brown Coat

The coat!!! I have wanted a coat like this ever since MaxMara came out with the original which I could only ever have dreamed of affording! When I found one from Topshop I ordered it in a heartbeat. It was a size too big but I got a tailor to fix it and here we are! The reason I like it is that I can layer to my hearts content - I wear this with the thickest card’s and also my leather jacket (like I did that day).

Evening style in Zara red sequin skirt, Zara t-shirt and Sam Edelman black heeled sandals.

Saturday evening’s outfit, LOL!! Ok, I kinda went sequin crazy in the sale. I actually ordered this skirt off the UK zara site, along with a few other razzle dazzle pieces. My long suffering friend, Tinashe, had to get these to me. I love you Tina! Well, actually, she posted them on to my cousin Rumbi who made sure she carried them in her hand luggage at the expense of her own outfits! I love you Rumbi! LOL! I had carried some back up outfits of my own too! This skirt was probably one of my favorite looks of the weekend! I can see myself having so much fun with this skirt for years to come! Check out some for sale on Poshmark here.

Zara Red sequin skirt outfit, zara graphic tshirt,Topshop oversized Coat, Sam Edelman Sandals

On Wednesday I’ll be sharing a video from my birthday on my IGTV channel which will be the last instalment of my birthday feed! if you enjoyed this post, then you never want to miss another, subscribe here!