40 before 40


So back in March, on my 39th birthday to be exact, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and fully embrace life. I won’t rehash the points -you can read that post here.

With everything that then went on with my dad, I kinda went off for a while. I won’t go into that for now - it’s an evolving story and at the right time I will share. For now though, I am feeling in the right frame of mind to face my demons. So here it goes, my list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40….with literally just 7 months to go…eek!!

Learn / Do / Eat  something new

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Go canoeing
  3. Attend a photography course and stop using camera on auto
  4. Travel somewhere with Morayo-Hope (hopefully we can do Paris)
  5. Join an amateur dramatics club - because I’m an amateur…..and I’m dramatic
  6. Eat raw oysters
  7. Buy something, upcycle it and sell it

Stop the Procrastination

  1. Design a collection of 5 items
  2. Open an online boutique and sell these 5 items
  3. Buy a sewing machine and actually make a garment
  4. Fully crochet a blanket
  5. Knit something
  6. Read & Review 7 books
  7. Attend a writing course
  8. Write a short story

Step out of comfort zone

  1. Activate my youtube channel and post 1 video each month
  2. Pitch my idea to a TV producer
  3. Renovate a room in someone’s house
  4. Do a full makeover for someone
  5. Wear a bikini
  6. Organise the mums event i’ve been planning in my head: do it scared
  7. Each month for the next 7 months say yes to 1 thing I would never usually agree to (counts as 7 things towards my 40)

Healthy Habits

  1. Cycling / Long walks with family once a week: (ironically as I’m writing this there is a group of 3 /4 pensioners setting off on their bikes after enjoying coffees in this cafe)
  2. Pilates weekly
  3. Daily youtube workout with blogilates
  4. Play Tennis once a week with Kola
  5. Swim once a week
  6. Drink 2 litres water everyday

From Family / Friends

  1. Go fishing : Morayo-Hope
  2. Do a 5k run : Kola
  3. Skydive : Joy 
  4. Go on a solo trip: Kitty (@kittyandb) via instagram
  5. Enrol on a Fashion / Interior Design course: Alicia
  6. 3 positive affirmations about myself daily: Tinashe



time to take the leap! I'll keep you updated along the way...


dress: jcrew past season

shoes: lucky brand via Nordstrom rack

earrings: zara (sale)