She's a mini driver!

One thing I was extremely excited about as we headed to the US, was the prospect of having my own car. We had a family car in the UK as Kola took the train to work. The commuter life is so easy there, not so in certain states across the pond.  

So, naturally my head started spinning as I imagined all the different cars I could be driving. Talk of "everyone in America drives 4x4s" had me momentarily fantasising about Range Rover evoques. I snapped out of my fantasy and remembered myself. The time will come!

For now, my mind went straight to another car I'd been pining for for a long time - the Mini Cooper! I knew I wanted a countryman / clubman. At the end of the day, kids are involved! A quick scour on the internet and some scouting for car dealership reviews led us to the best mini dealership in town. Before I knew it I was the proud owner of a mini. 

I definitely wanted the car, but I wasn't ready to drive in the big bad USA. I just wanted to look at it, stroke it and love it. Kola was having none of it (my driving excuses thus far had revolved around his car being too big and me not wanting to drive anything other than my own car.) I had officially run out of excuses!

 I wondered if they might be able to quickly emblazon the British flag on the car and put some hazard lights warning other drivers that a lefty was on the road. Perhaps my wondering was evident on my face as the chap that showed me the workings of the car looked at me and said "Be confident! You can already drive!".  Sigh. 

And so it was yesterday,  on a windy, snowy/rainy day, that I got to drive home in a Mini Cooper Countryman! I managed to stay on the right by continuously muttering "stay on the right! Stay on the right!" - especially at turns!! Then again, I was following close behind Kola & the kids, pretending to be a British spy, on the chase!

With my loyal Bond girl - Miss Moneypenny- it's au revoir for now!