Happy Birthday Morayo-Hope

Dear Morayo-Hope,

Today is the last day of June.

I promised you we'd celebrate your birthday for the rest of the month, and I think we have. So now I feel I can really say Happy Birthday my baby. 

I can't believe you are 5. Mainly because I remember being 5 and it feels like just yesterday. You are such a mature little girl, always surprising us with some of the random things you come out with. You are so thoughtful and kind. Patient with your little brother and fiercely protective of him. 

I'm so proud of the person you're growing into. Inquisitive, intelligent, compassionate and a little peacemaker! This year the professions you wish to have when you grow up have varied from nurse to doctor to pilot to astronaut - I can't wait to see what professions this year brings.

This year, as always, I pray you continue to live up to your name - Morayo-Hope Anashe { I have seen Joy, Hope, Has God by her side}. I pray that all your dreams come true - well, maybe except the Ayla-Rose one! I'm not quite ready to be a mum of three just yet!

I am determined to make the most of every single day with you in this next season of your life. You have taught me so much in the last year & being with you makes me want to be a better person. You've made me more patient, and helped me see the beauty in the small things. You've reflected back to me the less desirable parts of my personality and I am endeavouring to change them.  I love you so much and can't believe the next time I'll be writing you another one of these letters you'll be turning 6! 

Remember to always be yourself, the world needs you as you. Keep laughing. Keep singing. Keep loving ballet. And watch tennis with me.  oh yes, and thank you for making me love Pointless...you're kind of a weird kid!

Happy 5th birthday my darling. I'm so proud and honoured to be your mother.

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