wishlist wednesday - a girl named isla

for those of you who follow us on facebook & instagram, you'll already know i've been asking mummy why i don't have a twin. i mean honestly, she could have planned it better. judah and i could have been twins and we would be running around in the garden jumping across sprinklers like Topsy & Tim.

the conversation i had with her was replayed by mum for all of instagram & facebook to see:

"Mummy, why don't I have a twin?"

"If I could've planned it, you would have - one trip to the hospital & all that!"

"So why didn't you plan it mummy? You should have planned it properly mummy!" 

2 days later 

"Will Judah and I be twins when we are older?"

"Um, no...it doesn't work like that.."

"Why not mummy? I want to be twins with Judah!"

"Sorry sweetie, you are his big sister...isn't that fun?"

"No. I want to be twins." 

1 week later in the car **crying**

"I want to be twins with Judah! You should have planned it mummy!"

"Sorry MH, I should have. Sorry."

"Can we be twins when we are bigger?"

"Sure thing darling, you can!"



now that the twinning is all sorted, i have moved on to the next thing on my wishlist. a baby sister. last week on thursday i informed mum that i wished to have a baby sister. she would be called amelia. the next day i changed my mind. she would be called isla. i spent the rest of the weekend harrassing her whilst she nursed her sore jaw after a wisdom tooth extraction. she showed me a screenshot on her phone. apparently after our photoshoot with nimz was shared on bella naija one picture went a little viral - well, 2 other sites published it. lets not make a man flu out of the common cold hey?

so, anyway, this picture was published on one page and attracted all sorts of random comments from the public. mummy says one of the comments has forbidden her from having anymore children. see below:

anytime i bring the issue up she just says #controlyourbirth. i don't care. today i asked mummy when isla's birthday is going to be. i need to plan where she'll slot in on our family birthday calendar - my birthday must always fall first among the kids.