March in Review

I loved March. I always love March - it's my birthday month! But not only that - it has Mother's Day thrown in for good measure. It literally feels like one long period of celebration that starts on Valentine's Day and continues on till March ends.

This March was different though. I feel like it's been a month of awakening. Like something actually came alive in me & I have this new lease of life. Nothing spectacular took place, but one thing I will say is I went into the month purposefully. I had my eyes fixed on my goals from the

Vision Board Course

I told you about in Feb & that really gave me focus and drive. As April is here I will continue to live each day purposefully and with a plan. 

March was great on the blog. We got to interview 2 of my mum-crushes

Zoe Boomer

Stella of J'adore Fashion

and also got to share with you my insane obsession with


! Did you like these new Monday features? We also shared with you images from our shoot with photographer Nimz in an article looking at how our less desirable traits as parents can sometimes show up in our children. Read it


if you missed it. The images were also published for Mother's Day by

Bella Naija here


Some of the pics went on to be shared by random sites with some funny comments to boot! The joys of the web! 

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, you'll know I had a little meltdown over Judah one day which saw the most amazing outpouring of love & support from total strangers. This made me love and appreciate all our readers and followers even more. We gained some truly amazing followers too this month and have been given some very sound advice for helping Judah on his journey. We are so so blessed and don't take any of you for granted! Thank you for always being there, for your lovely comments and for cheering us on! We love you to the moon and back.

SO what's coming in April? Well, the


video for starters! That will be coming soon as promised - watch this space. We will have some Spring style inspiration for you, some more style crushes and our usual life stories by Morayo-Hope & Judah Iyanu. Make sure you don't miss a single post by signing up to 

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I'm really looking forward to sharing our everyday lives with you in April and inspiring you to navigate yours in style too!

Lots of Love,