grease is the word!

this is my godsister ivana. she's been invited to a grease-themed party and her mummy reached out to my mummy for some help with a cute outfit for her to wear.  after years of buying different outfits for themed parties that never get worn again, she's decided she wants to get some non-costume pieces that ivana can wear again and again outside the house! as ever, mummy was ready for the assignment! she loves to shop - whether it's for herself or someone else!

Ivana, my other godsister Carmen & I at the end of my 4th birthday party 

character-wise, there are no black girls in the original movie. however in january this year, FOX released Grease:LIVE which was broadcast live in the US to much acclaim. in this version, we see keke palmer take on the role of marty, the ‘beauty’ of the Pink Ladies. marty is pretty, looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth. she tries to act sophisticated.

this sounds a little like ivana :)

so what are we looking for with this character? well, all the girls wear the "pink ladies" jacket, which is an iconic element of the movie's costumes along with the leather jackets the boys wear.  the jacket was always teamed with a neckerchief. for marty we'd then have to source a pretty yellow top & blue skirt and we're done.

1. Jacket - 

New Look 

2. neckerchief - 


3. yellow top -

river island 

4. blue skirt - 

river island

5. shoes -


another character to go for would be sandy, the main girl.

a look that screams "grease!" is the black fitted jumpsuit that sandy wears in her transformation scene. obviously, worn as is, it could be a little too sexy for an 8yr old. one could take elements and create a cute outfit.

Sandy's pre-transformation outfits are definitely more likely to easily translate to an 8yr old girls wardrobe. they have a very "park avenue princess" feel to them. key elements of sandy's style: flared skirts, feminine blouses (think ruffle details / lace / pearly buttons), dresses with flared skirts, gingham checks, cute ballet flats & ofcourse the cardi thrown over the shoulders. she also always wears a ribbon alice band!

1. blouse - 

la redoute

2. prom dress - 

river island 

3. white cardi - 


4. white belt -


5.silver ballet pumps - 

la redoute

6. skirt - l

a redoute cardi -


hopefully ivana and her mummy love some of the suggestions mummy has made. we'll share pics with you once we hear from them!

we love hearing from you! if you would like help with achieving a particular look or have any other style queries, please contact us:

here's to a stylish weekend!



 **marty character synopsis