my mummy has a wishlist as long as her arm......stretched from here to zimbabwe via Dubai....and back again. i mean honestly - there's no end to the list of "must-haves" saved with reckless abandon on her numerous pinterest boards. the thing with mummy is she can get into anything. and i mean ANYTHING. just yesterday she was looking at lawn mowers with almost the same degree of excitement reserved for a zara coat whose price has come tumbling down to acceptable levels.

not only that, she has a knack for falling head over heels for items which always turn out to be top of the range. champagne taste, beer money? sounds about right to me.....but let's not build a campfire around that topic.

so what are mummy's current cravings? well here it goes....i'll start with one for me...

(click on the images to be taken to the relevant sites.)

1. mummy has been wanting a pair of red mary jane's for me for a while now. she tends to buy me one key pair of shoes & then fillers for casual days as i'm at school fulltime now. she always gets my mary jane's from

la coqueta

 as she loves the leather they use & the lightness of the shoes.

2. she is currently obsessed with


. The peplum top teamed with culottes is a key look for Spring/Summer, and in this colourway she'll be able to pass them onto me in a few years time! win-win! the image on the asos website doesn't do them justice, so mummy picked this one of blogger

Freddie Harrel

showing how it's done!

3.  another key trend she's obsessing over this spring/summer is mules, and she's been drooling over this pair  of sandals since she saw one of her insta stalkees,

Lisa Folawiyo

, wearing them.  she then saw Solange rocking them too and decided it was a sign from the Lord.

she came back into her zone of operation when she discovered they were £380 and started praying ZARA would come up with the goods. They came up with the red ones below...nice, but not quite mules...unless she cuts off the slingbacks...and then topples over forwards from lack of support. maybe not. she does love them though so don't be surprised if you see them showing up in an outfit post soon!

4. back to me, and mummy is loving the collaborations uniqlo are doing lately. i am crazy for miffy, especially as our amazing neighbour gifted me a miffy library collection with 16 books to cheer me up whilst mummy was in Zim. these tees are perfect for teaming with dungarees / shorts / tutus on a spring / summer day.

5.  one for judah ofcourse! mummy is obsessed with little bowties for judah and came across this one from jcrew whilst surfing the web. she says it hits all the right notes for summer with it's pastel shades. let's see how long it takes judah to rip it off his neck....

so this is mummy's wishlist for this week. anything here take your fancy?