our mummy crush monday - Stella of J'adore Fashion Blog

Meet our second offering for Mummy Crush Monday, the gorgeous Stella from the blog

J'adore Fashion

. Here she is with her husband, Olu, and their super cute son Nolan.

I first noticed Stella about 3 years ago as we were both expecting at the same time. I immediately got

ridiculously jealous

 super inspired by her not-too-try-hard sense of style. As well as this, I noticed how comfortable she was in her own skin - something you'll soon see is the epitome of stylishness for me. Following her blog & looking through her pictures, you notice someone with a carefree spirit and a genuine warmth about them. I began stalking her ofcourse and found myself joining the masses to compliment her every look. And - shock horror -  she would reply! She gets hundreds of comments - and she makes an effort to reply. She's the real deal. I was well and truly won over! Then one day she followed me back. I was like....huh? I had that Dori moment from Finding Nemo...."why are you following me?!" She's now got 80k+  followers, what does she want with me? Apparently, she's a person of the people! Yep, major girl crush! Read on to glean some of what makes this fashionista so fab, and if you don't already - follow her everywhere that she can be followed! And evolve from


 admiration to love - like I have!

How would you describe your style?

My style is feminine with an edge.

How have you found balancing your career, blogging and your home since becoming a mum? 

It's means 

hard work everyday. I try to be really organized and plan things in advance. It's also great having a supportive husband.

Do you feel motherhood has had an impact on the way you dress? 

I don't think it really impacted my style. My style has evolved over the years. I try to stay true to who I am. I am enjoying wearing flats on some occasions running after a 2 year old. :)

During pregnancy which brands worked well for you? 

It was difficult finding chic pregnant styles that I liked; so I wore non maternity clothes. I would purchase items from my usual stores, but go up a size to accommodate the growing belly.

So, which are your go-to fashion brands & how do you tend to shop for your clothes?



Ann Taylor,



Banana Republic

and online stores such as 




Revolve Clothing.

 I shop mainly online. 

Nolan always looks so dapper - where do you mainly shop for him - and where do you get all his cute bow-ties?!

 I scout anywhere from

Ralph Lauren



for bow ties. I shop at

Janie and Jack




Old Navy





for clothes and shoes.

Which item of clothing can you not do without? 

That's tough! Do shoes count? LOL!

I think we can safely say, shoes count!! 

Who are your style icons / whose dress sense inspires you?

Jenna Lyons, President & Creative Director at

J Crew 

Christine Centenera, Fashion Director -

Vogue Australia

Victoria Beckham

Stella's top tip for navigating motherhood in style...

"Stay true to yourself and wear what's comfortable for you and your body structure."

And there you have it! Just to recap why I'm obsessed with this lady - dress sense: to die for,  shoe game: on point, hair & make-up: on fleek, heart: made of gold , humility: intact & a family we can #goals on all day! I can't believe you are still here reading this...go follow the woman!






Hope you've been inspired. Here's to a fabulous week for you all - navigate it in style!!