Mummy loves : EBAY

our mummy looooves a bargain!! more than that, she loves the buzz of beating someone else to it. so


was made for her. as she sits there waiting for the 20 second countdown to the end of the auction, her blood rushes as she imagines her rival on the other side already revelling in the item they think they've won. she then she swoops in like an eagle on it's prey and snatches that item, flying off into the sunset leaving them to lick their wounds.

the living room in our previous flat was pretty much ebay finds! the mirror, coffee table and leather chair were all bought in the manner described above....

mummy's prized posession is this demi-corbeille bed which she bought and re-upholstered. she is planning to re-upholster it again because, you know, a 4 year old and toddler aren't challenging her enough apparently!

She also bought that bookcase you can just see in the reflection in the image below. 

The tiles for our recent bathroom renovations were another ebay steal! mummy became obsessed with the brand

Fired Earth

, and whilst searching for something else on ebay, decided to see whether anyone was selling some tiles. hey presto, some Londoner was getting rid of tiles worth in excess of £1000. starting bid was £150. mummy needed tiles in 2 days and with the auction being set at 6 days, she decided to just message the seller & ask how much they'd take if she could pick up that day & pay cash. £180 was the response. apparently the seller had decided to only do one of her bathrooms in this tile - not 3.  mummy was ecstatic but worried they might be fake goods - but off we all went just incase. when we arrived at the house, mummy spotted the

farrow & ball

paint a mile off! the address alone was enough to guarantee all was in order. by the time the lady spoke with her royal-esque tone, mummy knew it was all good. those tiles were loaded with never before seen efficiency incase there was a change of heart. we drove away as the teenage daughter was handed the £180 as pocket money. judah & i took note.

On the clothing side, mummy has found many a "sold out" piece for rock bottom prices. Her favourite fashion finds are:

Brand new ALDO yellow pumps - RRP £50, bought for £5.

Brand new Philip Lim for Target jumper - bought from a US seller for $15. 

Lanvin h&m dress - £40 (RRP £ 190)

Topshop Shoe Boots - £40 (RRP £90)

there have also been some epic eBay fails which have been swiftly sold on to others who have appreciated them better. like the wardrobe that actually smelt like we still lived in the 1800s. mummy didn't appreciate that and ran to ikea as quickly as her legs could carry her.

mummy's tips for shopping on ebay:

  • buy branded goods - it's the best way to guarantee that you will get something of decent quality

  • for furniture search for premium brands like John Lewis & Laura Ashley - people look after such products so you can find good quality at good prices

  • do not start bidding on a 6 day auction on the 1st day! for the love of God! click to watch the item & then reminders will pop up on the day. get in on the action when there is an hour left. mummy does not bid till the dying seconds - she keeps an eye on how many bidders there are & the price.

  • stick to your maximum bid and enter that when you are ready - basically, when there is no more time for the other person to increase their bid!

  • create a "followed search" for items you can't find. All of mummy's fashion finds took a while to come by. she kept coming back to check and soon enough, they were there!

  • use paypal to pay - this protects you should there be an issue with the product

  • a lot of brands have ebay stores now, selling out of season stock. so if you're heading out for some winter sun, it's a great place to pick up that French Connection maxi dress.

  • remember: it's only a bargain if you really wanted it - don't get carried away!

do you have any favourite bargain hunting sites? or tips for finding great items at rock bottom prices? please do share below - mummy will love you forever! 

morayo hope & judah