This Mother's Birthday & Mother's Day Wish List

No, it's not a typo. This is my week. Today is my birthday. And Sunday is my day too.....because in the UK, it's Mother's Day!  I mean honestly, when God smiles on me, he literally rains glitter on my head!! So...people, listen up. I have heard your cries from on high.....the "I don't know what to buy Tanaka, she has such specific tastes etc etc"ones.

Well, here it is - a definitive guide to what I am lusting after right now:


Zara E-Gift Card

Because it's my second address.


Converse Chucks

Because like my mentor Victoria Beckham, I've realised running after toddlers in heels is overrated & life threatening.


A Watch

Because mine went missing in Zim & I haven't told Kola yet. It has high sentimental value...more for me really. I'd really like to replace it before he finds out. Thanks! 




Faking It


For the days I look a mess. People can just read the word & immediately understand what's going on.

And you'll be giving to charity at the same time - all round good feelings!


Beauty Products

Because I want to be beautiful



Gone are the days of collapsing into Topshop on sale day. I'm a real grown up now.

I'm currently obsessed with all manner of cuff bracelets. The below is the ultimate crush but you can use it as a guide.  Bring on the bling!!


Style Books

Because in my dreams I have time to read. In reality I just about manage to look at a few pictures in the magazines I subscribe to. These books don't have an issue month emblazoned across the front to remind me of how long it's been since I read something longer than an Instagram post. And they have pictures. Thus striking the right balance.



Make it stand still so I can catch up on whats been happening in the world since I embarked on this journey of sleep deprivation. Failing that, a weekend Spa break, European short break, 1 week Tuscany villa holiday, or 2 week beach holiday would do. Take your pick based on your budget.

I'll be waiting by my door with my other address ( open on my computer too. All angles covered!

You're welcome! 


The Birthday Girl