September & October Faves - Judah

for this post, i'm interviewing judah on his favourite things from the last few months. he is a boy who knows his mind so knuckling down to 4 things wasn't that hard:

1. Mummy's keys

"I take them everywhere I go, even to bed. I think little people who are still carrying a teddy or blanket around are missing a trick! Mummy ain't going nowhere without her keys. That means I go too. Result."

2. Startrite's "Wells" Canvas Shoes

"these are mummy's idea. and we all knows she's like a dog with a bone once she finds something she likes. i can't get them off no matter how hard i try. this gives her immense joy." 

You can buy them in red too! Buy them


while stocks last as mummy is planning on buying every size to last me well into my teens.

3. Fireplaces

"now we've moved to a house full of fireplaces, i feel i'm in some kind of wonderland! i can normally be found getting sooty in the living room in front of the tv or in the dining room,  having some quiet time.oh, and i happily pulled out those 6 tiles that you can see are missing. they were kinda loose so i went for it." 

4. Dogs

 dogs don't chase me in the park, i chase them! o

ur new neighbours both have dogs and this is a delight to me! when i met the first dog, a huge fluffy wonder of a dog called Yogi, i went straight for his nose - it looked like a big chocolate button! our other neighbour's dog is the exact opposite, she's a tiny, feisty dog called Lola and she loves me right back! whenever I'm eating something she comes right up to me & hangs around for crumbs. sometimes i share with her - and she gobbles it all up leaving me trying to rescue my half from her mouth!

that's Judah's September/October wrapped up - mine and mummy's are coming up next! how was yours?