I am be carefulling, and other stories...

Nothing breaks up a tense moment better than your kid saying the craziest thing. This is the latest in the MH-isms we have had the joy of experiencing over the last few months! Enjoy!


Mummy: Morayo-Hope, please eat all the food on your plate.

Morayo-Hope: Do I like chicken mummy?

Mummy: You absolutely love chicken!

Morayo-Hope: Oh yes, I do! Hmm...but I mean do I like

this particular


Mummy: You're 3! Where did you learn about "particular"!!



I am totally enjoying this current phase of her asking me if she likes something! Bring out every vegetable and fruit under the sun and she'll eat it as long as i enthusiastically proclaim her undying love for it. 


Morayo-Hope doing something dangerous....as is her custom these days

Me: Morayo-Hope! Please be careful!

MH: But I am be carefulling!


Back home after an outing & someone refuses to take their dress off before settling down to Topsy & Tim.

MH: Oh dear mummy I spilt some red juice on my new white dress

Me: **Blinks**

MH: It's ok mummy, we can just use Vanish Oxy Action

Me: **Double Blinks** **Bursts out Laughing** (how can you get mad?)


Out Grocery Shopping

MH: What's next on the list mummy?

Me: We need to get some spray for cleaning the table & kitchen counters.

MH: Ah, ok. We better get Dettol Power & Pure Advance.

Me: **Double Blinks** **Bursts out Laughing**  No more Tiny Pop for you young lady! You are an advertisers dream!

**Proceeds to check out Dettol Power & Pure Advance - it's on offer, it's in the basket, it's in the house, well done Dettol marketing dept!**


Saturday Morning at an hour unlawful for any human to be woken up

MH: wake up mummy, it's morning time

Me: no

MH: mummy, it's morning time and i need my breakfast

Me: my back really hurts (because you insist on sleeping in our bed halfway through the night & i end up sleeping in a yoga pose) - daddy is downstairs, he can make you breakfast.

MH: oh dear mummy. what am i going to do with you?

Me: why?

MH: well, because your back hurts and i just love you so much and i just want to play with you....

Me: **sits up too fast and worsens back pain but ignores it in light of the words just pronounced**  oh MH you are such a darling & i love you too! let's go downstairs then.

We took these pictures one sunny afternoon on a walk during the summer holidays. 

MH Wore:

Shorts - Zara (past season), new ones here, we also love these here

Top -Gap (past season), similar here

Sandals - Little Bird by Jools at Mothercare

Toy Pushchair -John Lewis (past season) New one here

Hair Band -La Coqueta (old) but new seasons here