About that Challenge - 2 days to go!

I'm sure you're thinking - heck! I've never seen so many blog posts from this site in such a short space of time! Lol - change is afoot! Well, I was up at 5:13am this morning - no alarm either! Just me super excited and ready to get on with this challenge. A few girls have decided to jump on this ship and come along for the ride - I couldn't be happier! Whilst chatting to one of them, Segs from 


, I got thinking that perhaps I needed to really make this challenge even more suited to me. As good as the 11 areas that related to me were on the original challenge I found 


, I felt there were other areas I could incorporate to make the 30 Days truly work for me and produce the results I want.

Having read through his workbook again, the major thing I see the author drum in is that it's all about coming out of your comfort zone. Theres no point in giving yourself a task that doesn't push you. That's not a challenge. Hence the cold water showers for 30 days. It takes discipline to do something you don't want to do but have to do - even though no one's making you do it. Make sense? Self discipline. There are things I definitely have to do if I want to achieve the goals I have set for myself. So I decided last night to go to bed early, and get up this morning on a mission to set out what I was going to achieve over the 30 days.

What do I need to give attention to?


My health & wellbeing

As a mum, the tendency is to put yourself at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to these areas. "I'll eat once he goes to bed.", "I'll exercise as soon as they are both in school & I have a bit of free time", "I've had this pain in my back but I think it's nothing, heck childbirth makes everything nothing!". And so on we go.


Hair & Skincare, Personal Grooming

Yes. Let's just say, from caterpillar eyebrows to gorrilla legs I know my husband must really love me. 3-step skin what? Wash off make-up before bed? Yes, honestly - this body is a wilderness.


Money Management

As a stay at home mum who has just bought a house - money sure isn't flying around. Infact as a working mum before buying a house money wasn't flying around! Yet somehow I managed to fritter the little I had on some unnecessary purchases. Time to reign in the madness and get financially fit because if I can't manage a few pounds, I sure can't manage a million.



Need I say more! Keep it updated :)



I have dreams. Big ones. They need to become a reality.



It might surprise you to know I'm not the most confident person around. I used to hate having my picture taken (self esteem issues!). Clearly snapped out of that. Now onto really feeling worthy - it's a sore spot but I have to be confident if I'm going to raise confident children.


My walk with God

Prayer, reading the Bible : always on the to-do list till trouble strikes! Then I'm on it like white on rice. Not after this.



The jump from working full time to being at home full time has certainly got me in that weird zone where you want to look good but the outfit has got to be practical for chasing a 2 year old boy around. Oh and the school run.


Home Management

That last minute clean 30 minutes before guests arrive, stuffing things in closets and locking them so they shut will be a thing of the past! Yeah!


Time Management

I really believe if you can manage your time, you'll manage your money better too. Again, for me it seems to be symptomatic of motherhood & putting others needs first - because you kinda have to at a certain stage. However time must be found for me too.

So, those are the areas I wanted to give attention to, and from there I have my 15 habits for everyday (that escalated pretty fast!).

So there you have it! I'm ready and raring to go. Would you like to join me? Are there any tips / fantastic websites you could give me on any of the areas above to help me on my journey? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear!

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