about a boy

anyone who has faced any kind of challenge will know how comforting it is when someone close says "we're praying for you." whether they go on to do so or not doesn't really matter, in that moment you just feel like someone's got your back. now, when someone you aren't especially close to comes up to you and expressly says "how is judah? we've really been praying for him and believing for him to be well.",well, then tears flood your eyes and you hop from foot to foot like an irish dancer and try to keep it together. you look at that person, you want to give them a million hugs. you feel the weight suddenly fall off your shoulders and look back at your boy and think "my goodness, we're going to be just fine! look how many people are rooting for us!". that's what happened the day we were decked out like this to church :).

judah really is doing great, he is active, full of energy, a loving and funny little boy. He's had no seizures since January this year and has done well on his meds! Onwards and upwards! we know it is the prayers of everyone - those we know and don't know - that have got us this far.  we are so grateful to you all and love each and every one of you!

What Mummy Wore

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What Judah Wore

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