A new Bathroom!

so having now secured our house, mummy and daddy eagerly anticipated move in day. daddy had to go abroad with work the day we picked up the keys and mummy was left to survey the reality of what they had just purchased, blinkers removed. it was as she wandered room to room that she realised the house wasn't quite in move-in state.

the walls would definitely need painting for a start. then there was the bathroom. my mummy has a peculiar brand of ocd when it comes to bathrooms - i believe it is still being investigated by top neuro scientists. she took one look at the bathroom and decided it would have to disappear faster than Houdini.

she thought she might have an uphill battle convincing my daddy - so she left it. When he got back from his business trip and looked around his first comment was "that bathroom must go." Mummy danced, did a crazy clap and booked the plumber who had given her a good quote.  It would be done in a week - hooplah! she speedily ordered the necessary items from here. the budget was tight so this was no time for fantasising about the claw foot bath tub of her dreams. the bathtub had to double up as a shower due to space restrictions. they found an ideal suite within the price range & mummy was already picturing herself relaxing in the bathroom! fast forward 5 weeks, we moved our stuff into the house and there was no bathroom! so....um...yeah. basically, the plumbers got going with removing the old bathroom and found the walls to be in a bad state. there was tissue paper stuffed behind tiles, bits of plastic, a bit of this and a bit of that. they had to gut the whole room, re-plaster, and then tile etc etc. oh, and the bathroom company forgot to deliver the toilet!

so we had a fun time going between the house & our old flat for bathing. mummy got me a mobile potty - potette -which was so useful in the interim. she highly recommends it for potty training & travelling with toddlers.  our bath was fitted 5 days after we moved in and mummy could've licked the floor, bathtub and blown a kiss at the loo! 2 weeks ago the final piece of the puzzle - a large mirror, was slotted in. then my awesome uncle and i painted the walls :-).

it's been a fun journey - ish ... mummy had a few meltdowns after rogue traders gave crazy quotes and is now feeling very prepared for any future building projects they may have.

mummy said lessons they learnt are:

1. Budget at least twice what you're quoted incase you also find tissue behind your tiles and have to gut the place.

2. Use which? To find trustworthy tradesmen. Also knock on neighbours doors - they found the plasterer through a neighbour after the one recommended by the plumber quoted an amount & timescale that suggested he was high on something. 

3. When you order online, check everything on delivery. Even if it's raining cats, dogs, raccoons and the odd bird poo lands on your head. If something is missing in that consignment, it's on your head. 

4. Make sure everything you agree with your tradesman is in writing. He said / she said means nothing when something goes wrong. 

on second thoughts, i'm not so sure mummy should be here on the next project. i think she should go on a long holiday somewhere very hot, with a beach, and fully catered whilst any building work takes place - no matter how long. build it into the budget daddy. i can confirm this is 100% my idea, i have not been bribed to write this with marshmallows.