7 Days in.....

...and mummy's just about standing! 

The 5am thing....

she started the week with so much zap and determination that by the end of monday we were oh so inspired to join in! Judah was up at 4am ready to face the day - weren't you judah? (he's nodding). mummy didn't seem too happy though - she made him go back to sleep and by 4:35 all of us were in her bed. She struggled to get up at 5. i joined in and by the end of the week had trained myself to be up consistently by 6am ready to eat breakfast. this discipline thing is great! we don't get why mummy isn't happy - we are up at least 45 minutes earlier than we need to, giving her more time to attend to our needs. i'd call that ingratitude personally. wouldn't you Judah? (he's nodding!)

About the gym...

so...mummy set a 30 day shopping fast. that was before she fully registered she had no single item of gym gear. swimming was the only option but she says aunt ruby has come to visit. we don't get it. there are no visitors in the house. she said aunt ruby can only be seen by bigger girls and ladies. so she's a ghost then? Oh we don't much care, mummy is making excuses! come monday, we expect to see better form. get on with it woman, it's a challenge, not a holiday camp for losers!

the cold shower...

judging by the scream we hear at the end of each wash session in the morning, she's actually doing it! she's a sucker for punishment that one! 

the business & the blog...

well, in this area mummy sure has a whole new lease of life doesn't she Judah? (He's nodding). She carries her notebooks around like newborn babies and is constantly writing ideas down. She's so happy & full of the joys of spring. She sits at her desk at the designated time and works away, determined to meet the days targets. 

hardest thing this week

sticking to the skincare routine when all she wants to do is go to bed already.

best thing this week

finding that her body clock has already adjusted to the 5am wake up call! 

mega mighlight of the week

being featured on Peacocks website alongside some seriously stylish mummies! she was gobsmacked & humbled and deliriously happy! you can check it out here.

 mummy even took a screenshot....bless!

next week's major focus

getting some exercise in. whether this aunt  ruby is still here or gone back wherever she came from. 

there are 15 things in total that mummy has set as daily focus areas throughout the 30 days based on this 30 day discipline challenge. she's really enjoying it & says it's given her some focus & a new lease of life...along with sleep deprivation. (but that's because you don't go to bed on time mummy. Just sayin'.)  

i'm off to google the mysterious aunt ruby. are you coming judah? (he's nodding.) ok - we're off! 


morayo-hope & judah 


what i wore

dress - gapkids (sold out) - similar here

jacket - zara kids (old) similar here or here 

socks - old random basic socks!

shoes - la coqueta kids (past season) new here , alternative here

what judah wore

shorts - gapkids  or similar here

shirt & bowtie - mamas & papas (part of set, past season) - similar here or here or here

cardi - h&m (old) - alternative here

shoes - zarakids

what mummy wore

culottes - zara (past season) - we LOVE these here

top - zara (past season) - similar here

necklace - zara (past season) - nothing similar but we LOVE this

jacket - zara (past season) - new here

shoes - banana republic (old) - nothing similar but we LOVE these here

handbag - karen millen (old) - similar here